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Biggest Stories of 2018: Israel Announced Apartheid, Shot Thousands of Civilians


Biggest Stories of 2018: Israel Announced Apartheid, Shot Thousands of Civilians

Juan Cole

2018 was in many ways a turning point for the position of Israel in the system of Western, liberal, capitalist democracies. It had long sat uneasily among France, Britain, and the United States, inasmuch as it was founded on a formal racial supremacist principle that Jews must rule the state. Racism is important in the other democracies, as well, but it is not typically enshrined in the constitution. The French Rights of Man mentioned nothing about race.


Isreal needs to be gone from our American politics and our American ways. Why is that isreal gets to tell America how and when to act?. We are not all jewish in this nation. We are not beholden to the state of isreal. So why then do we (America) cower to there every word and need. This has to STOP!.


Racism founded Israel and it won’t change unless it is by force. As Israelis accelerate the Palestinian genocide, leaders in Washington tell us that it is in our best interests to support the indiscriminate murder of everyone who lives there that is not “racially” a Jew. Though Americans despise the preferential treatment for the Apartheid State, our leaders are deaf to our demands to stop aiding this evil practice.
What all Americans must come to understand is that “any politician who accepts AIPAC money, is an enemy of human rights and an enemy of the 99%”. Until we can elect politicians who will end the coddling of this racist country, we will never achieve a representative government. BDS must become American law or else we must admit that the 99% is nothing more than a slave State of our corpocracy.


I still don’t understand the all encompassing support for Israel. They are an aggressor nation. What insanity for us to consider messing with a peaceful Iran to appease a place like Israel and it’s imperialist stance on Palestine.


The sad thing is that the many of the Israelis have actually morphed into the Nazis. Most of the people who actually lived through the Holocaust have died—so the people who scream at the Palestinians really have no reason to as they didn’t experience any of that hate----but
somehow so many Israelis are recreating the hate , and they are the Nazis now.
I have no idea why America supports Israel no matter what that racist state does.

It’s also amazing to me that they still refer to themselves as the only democracy in the Middle East. Actually there once was a democracy in the Middle East and it was Iran. Sadly the United States corrupted that and put their guy in.

I look at Trump cutting the survival money for food and medicine to the Palestinians. I see Israelis treat Palestinians the way white America treated African Americans--------and how Trump reads all immigrants, and I do not see why America has continued to give Israel money for the last 70 years. Why is it fine to continue giving Israel huge sums of money —but somehow these same American politicians can’t seem to find it in their soulless hearts to help their own citizens? If this is due to their God, then I don’t see the point of this religion or of any the others who built upon it.
AND I will never forgive Senator Schumer for supporting AIPAC and Israel as they trample on the Free Speech right of the First Amendment.
The only thing I have left to say is------- BDS!


Netanyahu and many in his government have committed gross crimes against humanity for which International LAW has very severe penalties. it is time for the International Criminal Court to arrest the son of a bitch and put him on trial before the world.


Because the base of the GOP are White Radical Christian Nationalists.