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Biggest Threat to 'Law-and-Order'? Our Delusional Attorney General


Biggest Threat to 'Law-and-Order'? Our Delusional Attorney General

Will Bunch

He repeatedly mangles facts and butchers the truth -- and almost never apologizes for it. He managed to rise to the top in Washington when many thought that the issue of racism would kill his career. He's a zealot on immigration who consistently portrays America's cities as urban hellholes, where residents should thank God every day that they're not shot.


The network of people who would like to implement Sessions' insanity are the same people who put him there.
The educated and wise have truly lost in this Kali Yuga.


Coming soon to a neighborhood near you: The gestapo/police will demand, "Papers"? "Where's your papers"? "NO"!! "Take him away to be shot"!! "Trial"? "There's to be no fuc*in' trial"! "Next"!!
What a damn nightmare. Just when I didn't think the cabinet could get ant worse than the last 4 or 5 times we get this throwback to...I'm not real sure, but at least to the Jim Crow days of last century by these relics dredged up from all the worst of bad choices imaginable. We can only hope to survive this nightmare and have brighter days to look forward to. That or all become raging alcoholics.


Yep, Sessions is in and Reefer Madness is back, which according to that film as well as others pushing the anti-marijuana State propaganda machine, smoking (smoking, because a Mexican taking a tincture, eating hashish candy --Endorsed by both generals Lee and Grant---doesn't make you look criminal, but I suppose smoking does) using marijuana will:

  1. Make you go insane.
  2. Make you kill people.
  3. Make you a heroin addict.
  4. Make you a Communist.
  5. Make you kill yourself.
  6. Make you want to eat beer bottles.
  7. Make black men want to rape white women, as well as make them deliberately walk in the shadow of white male (a big no-no back then).

Sessions said, "Good people don't smoke marijuana." Sarah Palin did, so I suppose he is right.


So here is the Grant/Lee celebrity advert for "Hasheesh Candy", and others that were more common in the 19th century. As one states from "Vanity Fair (magazine) Aug 16, 1862 pp74

A most wonderful Medicinal Agent for the cure of Nervousness,
Weakness, Melancholy, confusion of thoughts, etc. A pleasurable and harmless stimulant. Under its influence all classes seem to gather new inspiration and energy. Price, 25c. and 8. per box, Beware of imitations. Imported only by the Gunjah-Wallah Company 476 Broadway. On
sale by druggists generally.

And to add, it is said by historians that during the 19th century, approximately 90% of all Americans (USA) used medicinal marijuana at least once in their lives.

Some more facts that I'm certain Sessions would deny. Now we make science, history and more, all by ourselves, according to our daily whims. What could be better?


Kinda scary when the Attorney General of the U.S. thinks he gets to decide who's "good" and who is

Hawaiians should be saying "At least our state didn't secede, take up arms against the U.S. Government, or lynch people."


"his delusions are beyond dangerous"

Not sure his ideas really can be classified a delusions

He's just a plain ol "Redneck"
Sad to see these boys back in power.

He's a Criminal who hasn't been arrested yet.

Heck, in a time of Women's Rights Protest it was really refreshing
to see ol John Mitchel's wife Martha turn on him.

We've done it before, we can do it again.
Just gotta fight em whenever you get tired of being on your knees.
People of Character are Standing up.

We'll throw him out with the rest of the trash.