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'Biggest Threat Yet' to Arctic Refuge as Trump Readies Last-Minute Lease Sale

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/biggest-threat-yet-arctic-refuge-trump-readies-last-minute-lease-sale

"It’s also, like the rest of the Arctic, a region changing fast as the planet warms due to fossil-fuel combustion. “We shouldn’t be exploring drilling anywhere,” says Martha Raynolds, an arctic plant ecologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). “And the last place on Earth that the U.S. should be exploring drilling is the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge.”

I have flown over most of Alaska and truer words were never spoken. Unfortunately, Martha Raynolds no doubt is in the minority, but it is not hyperbole when she says: " THAT THE ARCTIC REFUGE IS THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH THE US SHOULD BE EXPLORING DRILLING"!

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Biden, how about a shot across their bow? A public statement that all AWR leases will be rescinded when you take office, should be enough to scare off any investment into drilling in this area, and make the state of AK. take pause.
Joe? Joe? The silence is deafening.

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[President-elect Joe] Biden, as well as his pick for Interior Secretary—Rep. Deb Haaland—oppose drilling in the refuge.

If true, great news! But I will wait and see.

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“Destructo-Donald” till the end. He wants the historians to have plenty of material on his exploits as “Destroyer-in-Chief.”

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Like with wearing protective masks, it is impossible (in this country) to get everyone on board with a voluntary cause. Many won’t wear a mask, recycle their throw aways, or purchase reasonable transportation to save energy and lessen pollution.
Should be a limit on how many fossil fuel, combustion engines we produce.
Since we haven’t been able to do the same with shrinking the military, I have great doubts this will be a policy drive.

Check this out. This is what global heating is doing.


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This too is madness:


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