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'Bigot. Racist. Swine': Trump Comes Under Fire for Approvingly Sharing Video of Supporter Shouting 'White Power'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/28/bigot-racist-swine-trump-comes-under-fire-approvingly-sharing-video-supporter

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“How many times does Trump have to explicitly say he’s a racist before his supporters believe him?” wondered journalist Jules Suzdaltsev.

Doesn’t matter. The supportes can’t count


The people I know that voted for trump (I live in 50/50 trump-dem land) are racist.

A neighbor that I have known for 10 years now feels free to unleash her inner racism since trump became pres. I always suspected her racism . . could feel it, it felt like a sliver to me when I was around her, a sliver that I could not visibly see but feel.

Right after his “election” her hate poured out like puss in a popped boil. Just wish it would heal. I do not foresee that happening with this level of racism.

trump is going full bore to get his racist base fired up as he continues to be pummeled with narcissist injuries.

And he will continue to try to get his science denying base fired up as well.

Will compassion/empathy/wisdom/self reflection render powerless this level of hate?
We will find out soon . .


“Lot’s of fine people on one side…”–DJT

I suggest we start a trend of wearing fake Trump 2020 tattoos in the hopes that his base will get the real deal and forever self-identify with their idiocy and hatred. After all, a few of them look like normal folk. Not a lot, but a few.


It’s common to encounter particularly sharp racism, the mean-as-a-snake to the the nice waitress at Denny’s for no reason calibration (7 point 5 on my scale), in women. Also, it’s vanishingly uncommon (unheard of outside of dusty social journals) to hear the connection and tension between feminism and anti-racism raised.

Historically, the connection is iron-clad, going back at least to Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s bitter split with Stephen Douglass over the franchise. Personally, in the make-up of women who have struggled with second-class status all their lives, it’s not unusual to find a petty need to relegate someone else to third-class status.

The downside of some feminist progress is that younger women might lose sight of how much worse a world it was for women only a decade or two ago. It’s no excuse for racism, but for some people close to me it has served as an explanation.


And what do we make of Pelosi and Schumer’s inability to “say his name” correctly?? Is that any less racist that they couldn’t give two sh*ts? While virtue signalling in kente cloth?


The Lincoln Project will be all over this. Not too sure about the democrats.


Bigot. Racist. Swine, odious pustule, orange chancre

All those and many other appellations accurately describe the depraved malignant narcissist and treasonous killer inhabiting the Oval Office, who, along with his RepubliCon,“conservative” and “religious” co-conspirator allies!
But that’s been very-well known by millions and demonstrated by trump since inauguration!
To save the planet, people and what this nation has been claimed to stand-for, the hideous creature and his tools, like McConnell, must .be defeated and forced to pay - held fully accountable - for their crimes, racism, environmental degradation/pollution, and gifting corporations, war-machine, and the wealthy (as well as themselves) trillions, stolen from the nation and people! The Bigot,Racist, Swine must pay!


If the voters of San Francisco return Pelosi (over Shahid) then there is no hope for intelligent life on this planet. Period.

And what’s this with a sniper attack on peaceful anti-racism protesters camped out in the very center of Louisville, with one person dead and another hospitalized? Was there police involvement or foreknowledge??


I had a very similar experience with not only one but many neighbors, Caroline. Those are people who were self-declared “Trumpists” even before he was elected president. After I called them on their racism and discriminatory attitudes I became the target of a wall of hatred they built in a concerted effort.
This personal experience confirmed to me the dangers of Fascism, the ideology of hatred and fear. It is easy to see how a wave of hatred can wash over an entire country because it is allowed to via indoctrination and coersion.
Can we stem this tide of hatred or will it wash over us? After my personal experience I am not so optimistic and I look at what (and how) it happened in Nazi Germany. These people are dangerous and can not be underestimated.


For Trump, 2020 has always been shaping up to be a “base election.”

So for 3-and-a-half years, he has played to his hardcore 40% of voters – yep, lots of racists in there – and counted on their enthusiasm on election day to carry him to a second term. Possibly, that strategy has merit. The excitement among Joe DiMentio voters is decidedly less robust – many of his advisors, both paid and among the punditry – hope Joe keeps laying low for as long as possible. Trump is already preparing to tie Biden to Wall St malfeasance and drag his troubled son, Hunter, into the attacks. Couple that with vote suppression and Trump has a formula

On the other hand, Trump fatigue is a thing.
He can not stop being the vain, out-of-touch, racist authoritarian that he is.
Will removing him from office based on disgust with Trump do the trick in November?

I’ll tell you in October.


That’s one of the worst things about Trump. He has ‘enabled and entitled’ the racists.
I see the same problems in the MAGAt’s I used to know. I refuse to associate with them any more.


After eight years of a Black President, Trump and the racist GOP cashed in on bringing the majority of Bigots, Racists, and Hateful Swine together for a HateFest on election day in 2016.

Now, they’ve chosen their path of organizational hate and have awoken some of the 100 million who have been so cynical about this nation’s government, that they previously refused to go to the voting booth.

Marianne Williamson said it best, “This country needs to love one another.”

The 2020 election will absolutely be a referendum between, racial hatred and love for our fellow men and women.


The only power these white folks are displaying is just how fucking stupid and racist they are. And just how controlled they are by the endless propaganda flooding their very souls. They are completely powerless especially when they throw their support to a sociopathic criminal conman who does not care about them at all. Their only power is to roll over and beg for more tweets from their insane and cruel master. None of them have a clue about what freedom truly means as they have sold their souls a long time ago. They are bought by and owned completely by the PTB and they will never be free as their very thoughts have been programmed into them to never live in reality.


This ignorant man, in the most powerful position, is trying to start a war based on the delusion of separate human races. Are we going to let him?? An ADHOCK comittee where I live have decided on another action the weekend of the 4th and our theme: Are We Our Brothers/Sisters Keepers? WE have to fight for a world of peace, justice, love (not talking about “romantic” love here) and beauty!



Trump retweeted the video before 8 a.m. ET Sunday and deleted his tweet around 11 a.m.

In a statement, Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, did not apologize for the tweet or condemn the racist term but said instead: “President Trump is a big fan of The Villages. He did not hear the one statement made on the video. What he did see was tremendous enthusiasm from his many supporters.”

(Source: ~https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/06/28/884392576/trump-retweets-video-of-apparent-supporter-saying-white-power)

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There are racists in every country but even in the USA that number dwindles and/or while there many who will openly proclaim their racism among those numbers , there are those that do not want to publicly identify as racists.

A number of YOUtube videos of these people have lead to them being identified and this information forwarded to their employers. Their employers can not be linked to racists due to boycotts bad reviews and the like and will often terminate that employment.

This is the type of pressure the people of to use. Identify the racists, shame them , and then find out where they work and let their employer know “you will not get my business because you hire racists”. You can see the effects of this with the advertisers left for Tucker Carlson. There are not a heck of a lot left.

Trump , in catering to this group of people really gains nothing. Those racists that openly proclaim their racism would have voted for him anyways. Those people that support his policies but do not want to be linked to racism will either not vote for him or remain silent as to whom they support.

Those black lives matters protests are having a far larger impact than people realize. The numbers of peoples participating are so large , businesses can not afford to ignore their voice. Boycotts of those businesses that have been sent videos of one of the people they employ shouting out “white supremacist” slogans and openly proclaiming their racism WILL work. I will never do take my business to a firm that hires racists.


The question is, “Can Joe stay in his basement until November 4?” As soon as he starts speaking in public, his poll numbers are certain to take a dive. His only hope is be neither seen nor heard from until after Election Day.


Many journalists have made the case that we need to live in politically diverse communities ---- stating that surrounding oneself with those of differing views ultimately helps in bridging divides.

In the case of racists/fascists there is no meeting in the middle. We are not talking a case of just “differing views” here. We are not talking about an agreement with how high lawns should be in the front yard or if stores should be closed on Sundays (does anyone remember when stores were closed on Sundays?)

When individuals have zero capacity for self reflection, when individuals have zero capacity for empathy and compassion that is something that needs to be eradicated (by a critical mass) not encouraged and emboldened (obviously!) by placing these people in positions of power.

Unfortunately the u.s. foundation (*** see below quote from book) and ensuing culture has fostered the former---- as we have discussed her at CD’s here and over again.

But bottom line, I am with you----I refuse to associate with racists and those that deny science-----unless . . . . there is a sense that they can be reached, have a hint of empathy, will truly listen AND feel.

**** Anybody know who wrote this passage from a very well known author/book?

“Its history (Salinas Valley) was like that of the rest of the state. First there were Indians, an inferior breed without energy, inventiveness, or culture, a people that lived on grubs and grasshoppers and shellfish, too lazy to hunt or fish. They ate what they could pick up and planted nothing. They pounded bitter acorns for flour. Even their warfare was a weary pantomime.”


Oh that was Steinback. The truth of the matter is a whole lot of those Authors that spoke about Social Justice, were in fact racists.

Jack London was another. He avowed himself a Socialist yet was racist to the bone.

This demonstrates how integral racism was to the “American Experience” and in turn what a farce that “shining city on the hill” and “land of freedom and liberty” in fact was and is. Any historian that ignores that racism, be they writing about Jefferson or Lincoln , Roosevelt or Reagan , is not an Historian. They are propagandists.