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Bike Breakthrough: Connecting neighborhoods with Low-Stress Routes

Bike Breakthrough: Connecting neighborhoods with Low-Stress Routes

Jay Walljasper

Cities expand stand-alone bike lanes into full networks everyday people actually like to use

Sounds great! I lived in Boulder, CO for 10 years and I biked everywhere. Since living in LA, I drive or I put my mtn bike on a car rack and drive to where a bike path starts (beach) or a mtn bike trail - I’ve lost my will to interact with cars anymore while on a bike.

One thing I wonder going forward is what the growing number of e-bikes are going to do to the equation. On one hand, I see the benefit - commuters where their ride is just too long to do on a regular basis given their time available or fitness level can have a bike to make it possible to ride more often. On the other hand, it is pretty unnerving to have a pack of very fat tire e-bikes pass me on the bike path - they aren’t going faster than a guy on a racing bike could, but it is still unnerving. I suppose speed limits are required - is 15 too slow? 20?

Ah, Walljasper finally gets to clueless commentary about bicycle usage in New York City.

Many bicyclists in NYC obey traffic rules, however about 1/3 don’t. He offers no accounting for this issue.

Many, NYC bike lanes were installed stupidly with little consideration for pedestrians, or yes cars. Mostly the rules for direction of travel aren’t enforced. Bicyclists frequently treat the lanes as license to run red lights at high speed.

So, even if he’s ridden a bike in Brooklyn no less, Walljasper is still incredibly ignorant about bicycle use in the largest city in the USA.

His clueless posts about urban bicycle usage in the USA don’t help the cause of big city bicycle use.

Did you hear- Trump wants to make biking and gardening illegal- not good for business.