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Bill Clinton Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Defend Gang Leaders, Crack Dealers


Bill Clinton Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Defend Gang Leaders, Crack Dealers

Kevin Gosztola

Former President Bill Clinton accused protesters of defending gang leaders and crack dealers, who killed the black lives protesters say matter, while stumping for his wife, Hillary, at a presidential campaign event in Philadelphia.


This week is not the first time in this campaign that Bill Clinton has shown the true Clinton colors. In Spokane WA on March 21, 2016 Bill Clinton told his audience to "vote for Hillary so she can put the awful legacy of the last 8 years behind us", confirming that it is the Clintons who serially disrespect Obama, contrary to Hillary's continued insistence that Sanders disrespects Obama whenever Sanders mentions anything that has occurred since 2009.

Instead of starting its PAC to fight Trump, MoveOn.org should start a PAC to fund more Bill Clinton speeches.


Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Gosztola, please keep it up.


Surprising that Bill didn't reiterate his frequent 1990s admonition "I feel your pain" as he signed legislation that would enable more pain for the 99%.


that comment was never faithfully recorded at the time. the full sentence was, "i feel your pain, and it gives me a raging woody"--B Clinton


“I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders, who got 13-year-olds hopped up on crack and sent them out in the street to murder other African American children. Maybe you thought they were good citizens. She didn’t. She didn’t. You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. Tell the truth.”

Palimpsest of narcissism. 1) take the speaker being addressed while ostensibly negating self in the process of adding false assertion. 2) Having silenced the speaker, double the negation (an erasure of the 'other') by imposing / projecting a false meaning and intent 3) Having set up a false dichotomy, introduce a third party as polar opposite, thus cementing the false dichotomy as a single assertion 4) Accuse the speaker of actually 'being', not to mention INTENDING what has been falsely constructed. 5) Reassert the power of the preceding inversion by yet another false fait accompli by impugning the veracity of the original speaker.

Result: Clinton methodology of colonizing meaning for the sake of false amassing of power, destroying subjects of integrity and importance, and cementing rhetorical patterns of mendacity.


A lifelong worker who has always paid into the system, fell sick for months and needed food stamps to survive while not working. Unfortunately, welfare as we know it had been abolished only the month before and that person, me, was turned down and offered no assistance. The only reason I survived and didn't resort to desperate measures, is because I still had my mom and I went to stay with her until I got well. Because of Bill Clinton there was no food aid and I was too sick to work and I was put in a very bad position. It was a very personal experience that changed my view of him forever. Not all people have the luxury of going home to family when times get tough and I can see why poverty leads people to do things that they otherwise would not do. Which is why we are Incarceration Nation thanks to Bill. His shill of a wife will never get my vote.


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President Clinton and Shadow Cabinet-member Hillary Clinton along with both of their Wall Street Bond Market Bailing Secretaries of Treasury Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers should apologize for 8 years of being the "Always Be Closing" sales team for Neo-gLiberal Global Gig E-CON sold to replace the tedium of those secure jobs Americans used to be able to raise families on.

You recall the Clintons on round the clock TV before NAFTA and signing Phil Gramm's BANK MODERNIZATION ACT drafted with other GOP Senators Bliley & Leach under Wall Street supervision selling how the jobs being filled by foreigners were jobs we didn't want and the un-fettered capital was going to turn Americans into the Global Entrepreneurial Managerial Class! All 300 million of U.S. would be Global Entrepreneurs and Managers as our Ivy League (Columbia, see INSIDE JOB) Paper Mill Business Schools of Conflicted Interests promised?

Then they could apologize for screwing Haiti first via Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown and US AID's Caribbean Basin Initiative sinking what little sustainable agriculture the impoverished island nations of Hispaniola had and for helping marginalize the people's choice in democratically elected then ousted LAVALAS Party of President Jean Bertrand Aristide. President Aristide, although not his majority Haitian constituency escorted into exile by the Clintons prior to picking over the post-earthquake bones of Haiti with the CLINTON FOUNDATION claims of great charity and rebuilding help.

All help coming to a desperate people via the discredited Lawrence Summers Neo-Liberal Salvation Plan for turning Haiti into another Neo-Liberal Sacrifice Zone\ Un-regulated Industrial Zone for cheap clothing. Capitalizing foreign manufacturer's exporting from the toxic dump of their own making. Exporting cheap clothes to Wal-Mart in the same southern (the Carolinas, Virginias, Mississippi, Alabama) textile mill towns that replaced the colonial New England once-thriving textile mill towns now cannot even afford to DEMAND and\or purchase cheaply made THIRD WORLD imports at Wal-Mart. Because of what Wal-Mart and others were willing to pay their labor forces during 40 years of stag-flation Headquartered in Slick Willie's home state of Arkansas where all the corporate feudal profits piled up in one family's off-shore accounts.

See the confetti raining down like a blizzard over Wall Street? That is the SOCIAL CONTRACT that built the U.S. Post WW II MIDDLE CLASS\WORKING CLASS being shredded in an Ayn Rand Tea Party bacchanal and replaced by global trade deals turning U.S. into the Chicago Cubs of the GLOBAL FREE TRADING ORDER!

Then the corporate-captured media could apologize for never being prepared and willing to ask Slick Willie or Honduran Regime-Changing Hillary and her Neo-Con State Department cohort of Kagan-Nuland carried over from Bush-Cheney years. Ask about the outcomes of their E-CON policies. Or about clawing back the hundreds of millions of dollars their Secretaries of Treasury Rubin and Summers off-shored into their own personal BANK SECRECY LAWS accounts after bailing out the Mexican Peso with U.S. taxpayer reserves the banks weren't willing to keep as Capital Reserves. Or about Robert Rubin using the revolving doors from U.S. Treasury to Global Banking Director of CitiCorp that then needed a new bail-out in 2008 under Bush-Paulson.

Nor have those WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION the corporate-captured media covering the Royal Wedding of Chelsea Clinton to the Hedge Fund Mezvinsky tapping the Clinton Foundation donor list and covering the 2016 elections and corporate-sponsored televised debates asked any questions or even mentioned to Iowa caucusing Candidate Madame Clinton about their outlaw in-law Fast Eddie Mezvinsky's legacy of 31 counts of Fraud he was convicted on as Congressman from Iowa's first district (see Wikipedia).

Please apologize to each hard-working mid-western life ruined by "financial innovation" dreamt up and codified now at UCLA's MILKEN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ETHICS & LAW. The Junk Bond Kings printing the state-sponsored diplomas of UCLA's BUSINESS ETHICS & LAW SCHOOL.


PANAMA PAPERS seem confusing to you? Start with homegrown "financial innovation" as taught in our nation's finer MBA programs and business and law schools: Search MOTHER JONES article of August 8, 2011 by Nick Baumann on-line titled: APPARENTLY WE'VE FORGOTTEN WHO THE MILKENS ARE. Not like during the 2008 FINANCIAL COLLAPSE with the 24/7 marathon coverage and "analysis" the corporate-captured AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE underwritten broadcast indoctrination ever reminded U.S. who the MILKENs are, were and what Neo-Liberal E-CON policy outcomes of the SUPPLY SIDE HOAX with the laughable LAFFER CURVE looks like on the ground!

(C) Mitch Ritter
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Nike-Town, Intel-Land LLC
Pheudal Phiephdom of Phil, Ka-Ching
In Anti-Trust PERP-E-Tuity Throughout the Universe


For the Clintons to still be such a huge presence in American political life is as odd as if Mamie Eisenhower was running for President in 1976 and her elderly husband Ike was still defending decisions he made in the 1950s. The two Clintons are products of another whole era, before most BLM activists were even born. No surprise Bill and Hillary keep antagonizing people whose minds are not stuck in the 80s/90s era of fear and hysteria.

Of the three contenders now vying to spend their golden years in the White House, Hillary is certainly the best informed and capable but she should have made room for somebody new and young to run. (Bernie has great ideas but face it, he hasn't had a new one since 1968)

Her and Bill's time has certainly passed, and unfortunately her attempt to catch up with the times makes it look like she can't stick to her convictions, but the fact is that she has changed her ideas - like my Grandmother did when she hit 70 and went to work for Bobby Kennedy after a lifetime of voting Republican. But she was a nice old lady volunteering and getting with the times - she wasn't running for president. Even so, despite my reservations about her age, I am ready to pitch in for Hillary. There really isn't anybody else in the game who can think a coherent thought.