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Bill Curry on Corruption in America


Bill Curry on Corruption in America

Russell Mokhiber

When people in power in the United States talk about corruption, they often focus on corruption overseas.

Corruption overseas is usually hard corruption – bribes, kickbacks, public theft.

But then there is what is called soft corruption. That’s corruption American style. Legalized bribery. Corporate money flowing into the political system. The revolving door. Lobbyists. Consultants. Gifts. Travel.

People in power don’t like to talk about corruption in the United States because often, they are the beneficiaries of it.


Not much left to say. Good article. Well done! Many of us realize all this…it’s just what to do about it that is the problem. Our government is corrupt…I mean “softly” corrupt. Citizens are propagandized out of their minds. The environment is quickly turning more and more sour. What’s the end game? Any positive outlook?

As for me and many I know, we simply have reached the point of overload. The only thing to do is live within our own self, family, neighborhood–trying to do something kind and positive, trying to help others as best we can, and trying to keep some semblance of hope and positive thinking.

The pot is now beginning to boil. Those frogs not cooked are about to start jumping for survival.