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Bill Curry on the Move Against Public Corruption


Bill Curry on the Move Against Public Corruption

Ralph Nader

Bill Curry is wondering why corruption is the center of debate or upheaval in every country but ours. He writes that, “Hardly a week goes by without a front-page report of a government toppled or convulsed by corruption scandals.”


The spread of public corruption is the issue of our time. Thank you for this essay, Mr. Nader, and your continuing focus and work.

I’d like to add: “Liberty and justice for all” – does not mean “whatever we can get by with”. The current U.S. president has said he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone” and not lose any voters. Might as well have said, “right and wrong do not matter when you are as good as me.” That’s the attitude on display, being modeled, and rapidly, openly spreading as a “value”. “Whatever I can get by with” does not walk with Liberty.

Corruption, greed and extreme selfishness make a mockery of all good we think we stand for.