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Bill Gates' Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/21/bill-gates-global-agenda-and-how-we-can-resist-his-war-life


Nice article as always Dr. Shiva. At his core Bill Gates lacks humility. His flights of fancy derive from his arrogance as much as from his imagination. There are times to leave things alone and he does not seem to get that. The idea that the Planet can self repair does not seem to occur to him nor those of his ilk. Unfortunately they wield tremendous power and need to be checked. “Nature, to be commanded, must first be obeyed.”–Francis Bacon


Bill Gates paints himself as THE pandemic expert, and yet he didn’t spend one days lunch money, (for him), to buy us all tests kits and masks when it could have really made a difference. He is a fraud.


In response to the way this ends…I think it’s going to take some kind of “stop the machine” movement to rescue both biodiversity and humanity. It simply will not happen via reforms, by voting in the right people and hoping they will pass the legislation we need. But the madness of the likes of Gates, their refusal to accept any limits, coupled with their power, lead predictably to breakdown. Breakdown is the one thing that finally breaks their hold on power–after that, every community will self organize in myriad different ways, some horrible and some wonderful.


A brilliant message from a brilliant woman. Thanks very much.


Utterly superb, Shiva is always on-point but this is the most on-point piece i’ve ever read from her.

Indeed, we need to organize to stop the machine, and indeed, extinction is in the balance. What else are we doing?!? Turn to the task at hand!


Doing hell by “doing good”

Bill’s a good man.


“Health is about life and living systems. There is no ‘life’ in the paradigm of health that Bill Gates and his ilk are promoting and imposing on the entire world. Gates has created global alliances to impose top-down analysis and prescriptions for health problems.” I’d love to hear more specifics here.

Bill Gates does plenty of wrong stuff - his education policies are not good. At the same time, he funds large vaccine and medical research projects - for people around the world. We don’t know what the human radiation thing is about…do we? He’s going to harvest our energy? Or we surrender our vital life force because he has a patent? I doubt it.
We need to keep an eye on this guy but there are other more dangerous billionaires/lawmakers at this point that require our attention.


Bill Gates is involved in a lot of scary projects, he is not the benign philantropist people try to make him out to be. Like the Clintons he is heavily involved in GATS related projects like global privatization of essentials, including education, water, making it impossible for governments to help the poor without risking WTO disputes from the most gung-ho countries such as the US which views them all as potential profit centers, not essentials, the concept ofthe public good is anathema to the most radical countries, unfortunately the US is at the top of the list. We’ve elevated corporate power to a totally unatural place and killed millions of people by doing it, especially poor people who were frozen out of getting cures for AIDS which turned out to only cost pennies to make. (the strory is dpicted in the film Fire in the Blood) This is the radical movement GATS is a part of. I know little about his own priorities, but I do know that we are becoming really really scary.

I do know GATES is involved with the creepy “Better Than Cash Alliance” which is trying to eliminate cash so that his and other huge corporations get a cuit of the take for every block people travel on tomorrow privatized roads, every micropayment for privatized water,

The Better Than Cash Alliance appears to also be behind the sadistic Indian DeMonetization which stripped millions of Indians of their life savings, which was stored in cash, it even bragged it wa stheir pilot project.

Please defend the right to use cash. There is a one in eight risk of a solar storm every decade and a global cashless system would be very dangerous if the grid went out, causing mass starvation and probely the death of billions of people and chaos or even cannibalism.

It could result in billions dying from mass starvation if a solar storm disrupted the world power grid as it is likely to, perhaps for years. (There is also a substantial risk of multiple nuclear meltdowns if we dont get warnings in time, and backup cooling power is unavailable, due to loss of the ultimate heatsink.

I believe that the world should have progressive taxation which would scale upward so that people with astronomic incomes had most of it taxed, but not used to feed the war machine. making billionaires very very rare, if not totally nonexistent, a billion dollars is a thousand million dollars, that should be enough to last most people their entire lifetimes. The tax should also increase with age.

If GATES wanted to be a real philantropist he would stop pushing and propping up the increasingly global increasingly totalitarian oligarchy with his cronies on top, a state run by the ultra rich and for the ultra rich.


I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I have given lots of money to progressive candidates. But Ms. Shiva is a well-known promoter of agricultural primitivism and her criticisms of modern agriculture as inefficient are just plain wrong. Modern agriculture produces the greatest quantity of food with the fewest amount of chemical and energy inputs. Her claims that the current pandemic is somehow the fault of modern agriculture is pseudoscience at best. There have been many pandemics in our past history even at times when our agriculture was quite primitive. Yes, there have been many changes since those times. World population and increased urbanization have increased dramatically. Despite great advances in medical science, these two trends make it far easier for pandemics to spread. Bill Gates’s monopolistic practices when he was head of Microsoft certainly deserve criticism. But his philanthropy focusing on renewable energy, improved sanitation, making vaccinations accessible, spreading modern agricultural practices, and improving educational opportunities for minorities are to be lauded. As a progressive, it’s beyond me how some progressives criticize Trump for being anti-science and yet they are not much better. Okay, fire away! I can take it.


It wasn’t just monopolistic practices that Bill Gates engaged in, when at Microsoft. His practices were indeed imperial and colonizing and historically regressive. Try and read about the Open Software movement to see the true damage that he caused to the new digital society. Complicated topic.


This system of crony capitalism, literally worshiped as the “ideal” economic system by the vast majority of Americans, will have to crash and burn, and take us all down with it, before anything transformative changes. The plutocrats and their puppet politicians, in both parties, are so ideologically bound to capitalism, with its profit motive and “meritocracy,” they would die before giving an inch to “tree huggers” and “commies,” who dare to speak of things like peace, social and economic justice, and living in harmony with nature. I think the American Empre is truly on its last legs. As Dr. Jeremiah Wright said, back in 2008, “Our chickens are coming home to roost.”


Ibergan, The tests and masks are frauds as well. Kary Mullis said his test should not be used for diagnosis. It tests for viral debris, not the virus itself, hence all the false positives, which BTW are indistinguishable from “asymptomatic” infections. The CDC’s own journal published an article surveying over a dozen Random Controlled Trials testing the efficacy of the general public wearing masks. None found any significant evidence that the general public wearing masks would slow the spread.

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No firing - You have said what a lot of us are thinking I’d imagine.

But Vandana Shiva makes some good and troubling points as well.

Ultimately, I think ‘wildfire’ has said it best:


I can tell you, there is a lot of truth to the loss of natural immunity being caused by the lack of pytonutrients, particularly phytoalexins in our diet. Some of the most promising substance to fight pandemic viruses are substances made by plants to defend themselves from pathogens, radiation (the sun) and their lack is hrting our health tremendously. Gates is also part of a cabal of neoliberals who are trying to orchestrate a global (everything) land grab. Its a disease of greed and also a cult like illness, it really is a cult like the Om cult in Japan or the Nazis or the present government of North Korea. there is no way to sugar coat this.

he is one of the high priests of this cult. Just as they claim it would be more efficient to replace the US workers with others simply because they would be cheaper and “more efficinet” and now they are well on their ways to doing this via the WTO, even while trying to make us all childlike and unaware with the finger waving Sanders, who pretends its 1990 or earlier, (really, if you want proof its easy to find) they also are pushing for schemes that would displace the worlds farmers from their land so the land can be given to them - all around the world. This is a global theft of the entire planet, from all of us. Thats the only way to describe their agenda.
I hate to say it but everything they are doing on examination turns out to be the opposite of what they portray it as, everything, without fail.

So I expect desertifcation if the land grab pursued as they likely intend to.
That is not a modern practice. Modern practice would be more like the systems the first Americans perfected which were sustainable and produced higher yields in many cases than today often in very difficult environments.

Also I hate to have to say this but Sanders appears to have been trying to walk us into a trap all along, by neglecting to tell the country about the GATS services agreement, which blocked all of Sanders alleged proposals as many as several years before the URAA was signed in December 1994, he’s been trying to hide this theft from the general public, preventing much needed accounting and dissent to prevent the country and our jobs from being traded away in exchange for things like higher drug prices and extended patents for old drugs, also rights to outsource and offshore more jobs and then bring in foreign fiancial services that can mop up the lives of the displaced, by foreclosing on their homes and business assets. The job theft will displace all of us, black white, immigrants and white and hispanic people. It also promotes a system which has frequently been compared to modern slavery. That is supposed to become the default kind of work in the future.

Additionally, Biden’s proposal to “expand Medicare” without leaving the GATS first will kill Medicare. This can easily be read simply by reading the Annex on Financial Services which spells it out. Additionally the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services standstill blocked the ACA from its beginning a oomission that cant have been an error of omission because of the history ofthese instruments, they were pushed extensively in the GATS negotiations ten years earlier. In short everything people here beleive as a mantra are all lies, Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive. the US is walking into a trap laid by the extremely evil neoliberals, who have killed millions of the worlds people simply because they are poor and cant cough up huge sums on demand, We’re next.

and who are literally setting up a world that has no room in it for more and more oif us as we fall off the economic map in the coming years as we save more and more labor, a time when humanity should be having more free time, they have set up a ticking time bomb that blows most of the planet’s lives apart.

If you have any brains you will take a very close second look at all these things and people you trust. They arent what you think they are, nowhere even close.


The author promised to inform us of measures we can take to stop Gates and the global imperialists. But there was nothing here. She said we can deepen our convictions, regenerate the earth, reclaim etc, etc. But how are we to do this?

If I’m a member of the globalist cabal, I’m kicking backing and laughing at just another example of how clueless we are on what actions we can take.

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When we wage war on the biodiversity of our forests, our farms, and in our guts, we wage war on ourselves.

Amen to that.

Those whose fame and fortune and influence owes to their faithful service to (and rewards from) the twin-headed god of commerce and technology which largely shape and determine our dysfunctional culture, are usually so much under its spell that they are like machines themselves. Any suggestions that they ‘get’ Life, and feel compassion or connection to others, is probably feigned- just so much more marketing. It isn’t that they are necessarily “evil” in the sense of being driven by malice , etc. Just sadly, very unaware of any deeper meaning or values to Life than money and power and the sense that they know better than anyone else.

Bill Gates may be a Democrat in party affiliation, but he doesn’t appear to be a believer in any real forms of democracy - seemingly ascribing to the privileges and ‘responsiblity’ (white man’s burden?) that goes with being the 2nd wealthiest man in the world. Based on everything he says (and more importantly, does behind the scenes), I’d say that Gates really does think he’s superior and entitled to direct human civilization and policies. Many such people mistake a modicum of intelligence and significant wealth as an indicator of such superiority, when, as V. Shiva suggests, they lack the consciousness development and humility required of anyone who might really seek to help humanity.


Super interesting how this article has attracted several brand-new commenters who have joined in order to comment on this article, to say from different angles “I’m a supporter of … but…”


Fewest amount of chemical and energy inputs? Utter nonsense, unscientific claptrap, pure propaganda.

Modern agriculture is extremely energy and resource intensive, the precise opposite of your blithe and bizarre assertion.

Modern agriculture is among the primary driving forces behind the destruction of ecosystems, ecological collapse and mass extinction.

Energy- and resource-intensive modern agriculture is among the major forces driving global heating and climate catastrophe.

Modern agriculture is a predatory, colonizing, extractive enterprise by and for the wartime chemical and genetic patenting corporations (Bayer/Monsanto, Dow / Dupont / Corteva etc.) and the industrial ag commodity firms (Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland etc.).

Modern agriculture is among the major sources of endocrine-disrupting chemical poisons spread throughout nature, which among other scourges contributes to the steep decline in male sperm count and viability, and to the cancer epidemic (for which corporate and governmental funded research for some reason never seeks the cause, only “the cure”).

And Ms. Shiva is pushing no primitivism. Agroecology is scientific, it simply does not ignore the science of ecology - ecological science that is studiously ignored and smeared by the predatory profiteers in the colonizing corporate sector whose propaganda promotes “modern” agriculture while the ecology of the Earth unravels at an ever-accelerating pace.

i suspect that you are neither delusional nor ignorant, but are simply pushing propaganda. Welcome to The Commons.