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Bill Gates : We Need More than a Superhero to Change the World


Bill Gates : We Need More than a Superhero to Change the World

Polly Jones

Superheroes are having something of a resurgence. Our children continue to be inspired by them. Older generations remember how we were once inspired. And the companies which own them are seeing their profits soar.


Gates, and therefore anything he funds, is a very dangerous human being… IF he can be called human at all.

He is very active funding the following:

  1. Standardized tests and computer-based standard education… which robs children of creativity, original thought, and critical acumen

  2. Vaccines: Today’s baby receives 27 different vaccines. Meanwhile, autism rates have soared. FEW doctors have the courage to rebel against community standards–with those standards imposed by entities who have an interest (called profit) in pushing vaccines; but those who do call out the dangers of these vaccine overloads.

  3. Monsanto’s version of agriculture: DEAD seeds, genetically tainted plant foods, and endangering the livelihood of millions of peasant and/or Indigenous farmers.

This framing is FAR too kind:

“In Gated Development, we challenge the trend in the Gates Foundation’s programmes to find market-based solutions to poverty, such as developing the commercial seed sector in Africa and cheap private schooling in the Harnessing Non-state Actors for Better Health for the Poor (HANSHEP) programme.”

Vandana Shiva has such incredible wisdom on how to rebuild the soil and through that mechanism, help take CO2 out of the atmosphere. She is an opponent of Monsanto for this very reason:

"A recent analysis carried out by the NGO GRAIN could find no evidence of any support from the foundation for programmes of research or technology development carried out by farmers based on farmers’ knowledge, despite the multitude of such initiatives that exist in Africa. GRAIN’s conclusion is that “nowhere in the programmes funded by the Gates Foundation is there any indication that it believes that Africa’s small farmers have anything to teach”.


Gates as superhero is probably part of an upcoming PR campaign being waged to justify the geoengineering of the atmosphere likely by simulating the release of particles as happens naturally after a major volcanic eruption.

Then, too, Gates could be shilling for dam building… always a favorite way to tether developing nations to debts they can never pay off… while also managing to destroy wildlife along ancient waterways and related river systems.

Gates won’t be satisfied until the entire world is one plastic, gated community run by machines. He IS the Matrix.


These mega-philanthropists such as Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are basically dodging taxes by “charitably donating” billions to foundations they themselves control. Further, they use these foundations to cement into place their demented and nightmarish visions of an entirely technologized, commoditized, alienated world.


Ditto the mid-level foundations, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for example. Donors to the Clinton Foundation get the added benefit of political favors.


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and Bill Clinton while sitted next to Bill Gates during an interview had the nerve to say that the world owed Bill Gates a Big Thank You! Can you imagine? what does that tell you? Clinton Foundation probably similar to Gates Foundtion : privatize everything for the benefit of multinational corporations!