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Bill Introduced to Protect Fliers from Being Violently Dragged Off Planes


Bill Introduced to Protect Fliers from Being Violently Dragged Off Planes

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

File this under "bafflingly necessary."

Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) on Wednesday introduced legislation that would prohibit airline carriers from forcibly removing passengers from flights that are overbooked, oversold, or in the case of crew wanting to travel as passengers. Instead, the companies would be required to offer appropriate incentives to encourage volunteers.


A glaring example of the damaging results of deregulation: companies act with impunity, total disregard for the public they were created to serve, abuse their employees as well as their customers, hide behind laws that they paid for through their money-fueled lobbying, retain a battery of lawyers to combat any lawsuits that manage to come to court, grossly overpay their executives, and cut corners jeopardizing safety at every opportunity. Now comes a bill to combat only a small portion of the rampant abuse that will probably fail in the end with the GOP-controlled cabal we call "Congress."


"Meanwhile, International Business Times reported Wednesday that United has spent more than $41 million to lobby against consumer-friendly causes over the past decade. That includes $7.26 million fighting legislation mandating minimum seat sizes, prohibiting airlines from charging customers bathroom entry fees, and requiring them to let families sit together."

I am speechless, and then, I am not surprised!


The real criminals are the airport security. This was a contractual matter and the security acted as if the corporation was the law. They acted as thugs. They airline should pay up and the security officers should be charged with assault.


This is so outrageous and horrendous there are no words! I hope he sues for millions and wins! How dare anyone do such a thing to anyone?! I will be sure to NEVER fly United Airlines!


There are plenty of useful pawn idiots for the rich cheering on the airport security and blaming the Doctor for not exiting the plane immediately, like the good little sheeple these pawns are. Pathetic!


Sorry, but I'm guessing the law is on the side of United and the police ... all laws are enforced by the threat of deadly violence ... curious how no one seems to notice.


Hey Jimmy Johnson...where do you live?


It was private security not police


The size of the crime becomes glaringly obvious when one thinks of the United/Dr. Dao conflict as a landlord/ tenant dispute. As recorded on a lease (also known as a ticket), United Airlines, for a specified fee, and on a specified day, rented to Dr. Dao one airline seat, just as one might rent an apartment for a time. For the time specified upon the "lease" (ticket), that seat was to be the "home" of Dr. Dao. Part way into the life of that lease, and after all rents had been paid to consummate the deal, the "landlord" (United Airlines) barges into Dr Dao's rented "home", batters him, and drags him out to the street. Under Tenants' Rights laws, the landlord's ownership of the property in question (in this case an airplane seat) has been temporarily transferred to the tenant in trade for a specific sum of money. The landlord, in this case, TRESSPASSED into the "abode" of the renter, using strong-arm thugs when the renter defended his "home".

Anyone who has not seen the Dave Carrol YouTube video "United Breaks Guitars" needs to look. All that has changed is that the company now breaks PEOPLE, too.

We need laws that will pull a corporation's charter (legal right to exist) for gross abuses of the public. After a certain number of abuses, stop fining the company for its violations and take away its charter as capitol punishment for the corporation. Whose country? OUR country!


Cute analogy​:smile:

Good luck with your idea, especially with our Supreme Court geniuses...now accompanied ice crystal Neil.

Tangent: You've seen the bumper sticker "I'll believe corporations are people when one comes back from Afghanistan in a body bag"? I saw one the other day I like even better: " I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one."


Fascism in plain flight. Puns intended, but the entire in-flight 'take down' was 'bafflingly' unnecessary. Thugs!


Understand that some kind of action was taken against one of the security people who participated
in this assault. But, how did their training go? Now you might have to escort a passenger from a
plane cause sometimes they get a bit cranky and don't want to leave .....
but if you have to then you can break their nose, give them a concussion, and drag their body down
the airplane aisle?

Very much hope that they'll also be a lawsuit against the security people.

And I'd love to be on a jury hearing this case.


That makes sense - while over-booking doesn't make any sense.

Even if they over-booked that seat, why wouldn't it still not be "first come/first seated gets to fly"?

Evidently they also NEVER ever gave any thought to the impact of this kind of conduct on other
passengers on the plane.

Seemingly the profit/greed motivations makes one deaf, dumb and blind.


Airline deregulation opened the door for airlines to overbook as much as 30% more than an aircraft's seating capacity. Airlines overbook at a much higher rate (not exceeding 30%) during high peak travel based on "statistics showing far more "no-shows" during that time. Deregulation also allowed airlines to charge much higher prices for flights originating at non-metropolitan airports in less populated areas. Deregulation eliminated the requirement that airlines provide meals for flights longer than 1 hour, 45 minutes (lowering cost of doing business for airlines...no more free food). Deregulation gave airlines the ability to charge fees at their discretion thus airline bag fees, inflight charges for changing a seat, huge penalities for changing "non-refundable tickets (also a product of deregulation). Deregulation along with the PATCO strike mishandled by RR served to undermine the unions (except those for pilots) and, in many cases, allows airlines to contract out ground and baggage handling services to companies employing low wage, part-time, temporary workers. The mega mergers of airlines with the blessings of Congress has not served the customers but filled the coffers of the execs to overflowing.


Sea --

Thank you for all the specific info -- deregulation is license to steal.
And, actually, unregulated capitalism is pretty much organized crime.

So -- what happens is they pretty much can paid twice for 30% of the seats.
But still don't understand how they decide that someone who shows up for
their seat on time and is seated gets bounced because someone who gets
there later and was perhaps the one "overbooked" then gets it?

Does anyone know WHO the guy was being bounced for .... a VIP?

Re the food, I think they pretty much turned it to garbage before the deregulation
came so no one really wanted it anymore.

Pilots did eventually very much get hurt in loss of pensions in some cases and
in drop in salaries. I think some of that happened as part of bargaining to keep
their jobs?

What I don't get is why labor -- and we are all labor -- thinks they have to get
government approval to form a union -- or worse, corporate approval.

They worked really hard to make the idea of UNIONS taboo for workers, but they
are united in pretty much every way possible -- up, down and sideways.

Thanks for the info!


They took a total of four passengers off to seat crew members from one of
United's feeder airlines. So, in reality the flight was not oversold as
claimed. They just wanted to fly the crew members to Kentucky when renting
them a car (5 hr drive) or putting them on a train would have been doable.
Perhaps those crew members had to be in KY for a flight out the next day.
No info was forthcoming from United. In any case, the situation will cost
United and/or the airport rent-a-cop company million$$$ in lawsuit payouts
(let alone what it cost the UAL's reputation...such as it is...the WORST
large airline in the world and has been for more than 45 years). Seems the
evil from the WH is invading all spaces and heads.... Happy Easter!


You're right! The evil of that unpunished White House intruder IS invading all spaces and heads. Corruption does not start at the bottom and spread upward. Rather, it starts at the top and oozes out over everyone and everything down below. If the citizen-owners of the USA don't start spraying for cockroaches in Washington and all statehouses NOW, everything that was once admirable about this country will be so coated cockroach poop that the rest of the world will be forced to quarantine the place. The rampant corruptions so-far welcomed and encouraged by Trump will quickly spread even to our Agriculture Industry, resulting in unsafe "greed-tainted" meat, dairy, and grain exports that purchasing countries will be forced to ban as health hazards. Loss of export income will crash our economy.

Government violence perpetrated upon foreign countries always comes home, too: first as violence against "fringe groups", such as the Native American water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota, or minority citizens, such as Sandra Bland, who died in jail after being stopped for "Driving While Black". Over time the isolated violence spreads out to affect even mainstream people, like innocent grandmas on their way to church. Or innocent doctors on airlines, just trying to get home and treat their patients.

With a corrupt, unrepentant bully sitting illegally in the highest office in the land (he refuses to divest of his business holdings as OUR Constitution requires), all of the low-lifers in the country gather into the dark corners of his shadow, increasingly secure in their bully-ness. History has proven that corruption and filth grow until they are stopped. Each person who wants a country left in which to live has to get off his or her complacent butt and DEMAND a cleaner Government. Reject "business-as-usual" and start spraying disinfectant everywhere!