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Bill McKibben Among 50+ Arrested in Upstate New York over Fracking Project


Bill McKibben Among 50+ Arrested in Upstate New York over Fracking Project

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Environmentalist Bill McKibben was among more than 50 activists arrested Monday morning for blockading the gates of the Crestwood Midstream gas storage facility on the shores of Seneca Lake in upstate New York.

"Some mornings fighting for the future means heading off to jail," McKibben, a co-founder of 350.org, wrote on Twitter. "That's okay."


BRAVO to all those dedicated souls including Bill McKibben who fight for sanity - who put their bodies on the line - put their bodies where their mouths are!
The methane leak in Ca should have been a warning here in NY but the fossil fuel industry and their lackeys in government push drilling, pipelines, rail transport and storage like the Seneca Lake facility when it's clear all are "accidents" waiting to happen! I've said before it's not an "accident" when the potential risks are known or safety is ignored, its criminal negligence!

New York is ruled by a corrupt cabal in thrall to big-money, power and corporate/banker/developer profits at any expense. Gov Andy Cuomo will only do the right thing on issues when pulled by the public and the outcome is already mostly decided - no courage, no integrity and no actual leadership - but oversize vindictiveness aimed at any that oppose him or question his servitude to the uber-wealthy!


Maximum respect to McKibben and the other activists arrested at this blockade. The ecological destruction caused by the mining for and burning of fossil fuels is just one aspect of a wholly unsustainable and unacceptable industrial way of life that engenders every sort of exploitation and abuse of the natural world.


Many of the these people have endured brutally cold weather to protest this storage facility. Frankly, I don't know how they have been able to take the cold to make their point but more power to them. The Finger Lakes region is a beautiful area of upstate New York and fortunately a lot of people are willing to defend it from fracking infrastructure.


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Great work Bill McKibben and all the other foot-soldiers who are defending our Earth's life supporting ecosystems.
This is a war against Mammon that must be won.


While Bill McKibben's tireless devotion to the earth and struggle to protect all against catastrophic climate change is more than admirable, I cannot agree w' him that it's ok for him/peaceful protesters committed to sane stewardship of a very ailing planet, to be arrested. It's not ok - it's a crime committed by the very citizens that will eventually be affected by this travesty. Will the robotic "security forces" ever wake up?


With a few exceptions, the protesters have not had to hang around long in the cold. The police turn up pretty smartly. The number of arrestees today - 57!!!! - put a lot of strain on law enforcement, which is, of course, part of the strategy.

A huge thank you to Mr McKibben for increasing the media coverage of this campaign. But thanks, too, to those who have contributed to the 500 odd arrests, some of them multiple times.


What would you suggest instead? This is civil disobedience, not criminal activity. Remember Gandhi?


I would like to be on the front linea my self.....do not have the means... and still one in highschool and a husband who just doesn't get it .....I do what I can by helping to educate others .... I get a lot of flack.for that ..but it's worth it.....


Sounds like the description needed to be applied equally to the mob supermajority in Washington, DC. The good guys representing us and the future are starting to come out: FEEL THE BERN and light the fire of a political revolution under your family, friends and neighbors; don't let it go out, ever.


It is oil/coal money that owns government, it is coal/oil money that makes the plactics that cuff us, it is oil/coal money that buys the cops that imprison us on the order of their bosses. Please read "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer. Turn off your TV, quit relying on the MSM for your news; print, TV or radio (NPR addicts, especially). If you want to be informed then read, read, read. Our nation and the world depends on an educated public!


Probably not. That is not until they get new bosses issuing their pay checks. They are, as most people are, robotic slaves to the source of their income. This must change. We are the needed change. Look, we are the masses and we must FEEL THE BERN and then WE must act with leadership and voices in our own communities. It is our biological duty to the future to stop the insanity which now represents the United States of America. Now all the Brave Hearts out there get to work and support this political revolution that now has a dedicated, tireless, courageous leader. FEEL THE BERN and be part of the fuel that keeps it going.


Thanks for being a citizen who cares about your high schooler's future world. I suffer the same mental anguish although I do not have my own biological children, but similar to a herd of elk surrounding the new calf from a predator, I suffer tremendous anguish feeling that I have not done enough for future life on Earth. When things are at their worst, though, I take solice in some simple, but, brilliant words from the author of "Milano Bean Field War", John Nichols. "Activism is a wonderful thing, and we don't have nearly enough activists, but each of you only has one life to live and if you aren't finding some joy in your activism maybe you shouldn't be doing it; remember the whole planet burns up in a billion years anyway." Maybe ours, or at least life as we know it, will burn up a lot sooner from the ongoing stupidity of the use of fossil fuels, but let's find some joy in our activism. Easier said than done on most days, but there is nothing more joyful than "going to jail for justice" with an organized group of like minded people committed to doing the right thing for the future of our children and all life on Earth. The movement is building and the days of the plutocrats and oligarchs and their puppets are numbered. Do your best to do what you can and take some joy in doing it.


Yes it is, and I do.
I was referring to the security forces' (police in this case) criminal behaviour in arresting those who in effect are fighting for the rights and future of the people, police included.