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Bill McKibben: Clinton Halfway There on Climate


Bill McKibben: Clinton Halfway There on Climate


WASHINGTON - In response to an announcement from Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on climate change policy, 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben issued the following statement:



Bill, why are you being so charitable…or optimistic…or disingenuous…or naive…or______??? Have you never see the parable about the frog and the scorpion who would promise anything to get that optimistic or desperate or naive frog to cart him across the pond? Ummm, in case you haven’t seen it, in spite of repeated promises, that ole scorpion (whose name might have been something akin to Hillary…or killery…) stung that li’l ole froggie…

I wonder what would happen if YOU called folks to rally behind Jill or Bernie.


TomW -
We are not in the public eye nor subject to the distorting lens of media and hack reporters but Bill is. So he is diplomatic and hopeful that Hillary will be better than …than… um…well better than Hillary actually!!!

A new and improved Hillary maybe? A new Hillary! What can I say… we’ve got a year to go… lol!


Hillary has decided that having helped start the process for the Keystone pipeline that that somehow excuses her from having to admit publicly that she supports it. She tries this slippery eel maneuvers whenever she wants to avoid showing her true face on some issue. She will be better than Republicans in many ways of course but then who could be any worse than Republicans when you think about it?

She talks the talk about supporting actions for climate change and frankly if she had been elected in stead of Obama she probably would have been a better president back then but that moment has passed and she is more conservative than we need. America wants real change and is getting excited that Bernie might give it to them. Hillary represents the ‘at least we’d be better than the Republicans’ old guard Democrat party but Obama gave us that already and we need something better.

Go Bernie. We’ve seen the same old Hillary try on a new look but it still ends up being the same old Hillary … exactly like she has always been.


Hah! You and Bill are both more generous than I. The two overarching issues for me are all things environmental and perpetual war. Hillary Clinton is as rotten as any of the others, although her handlers are better at gift-wrapping than theirs are. This leopard is never going to change her spots, either. As for the crumbs she and/or other Dems might throw out to us in policy passed, my bottom-line issues remain unaddressed and stand us to lose not only our “democracy,” but also our planet…soon.


Where was McKibben when Obama appointed Sec. Sally Jewell, the queen of fracking? Not a peep. After this latest move, it’s hard not to believe he’s now another sell out to the PAC money, and Hillary & Bill have the biggest pile. The problem with many non-profits is they eventually start to work for the profit of their administrators.

“Watch what pocket the hands are in, and not what ear the mouth is in,” my old man said. or in modern terminology “Follow The Money”.

Where were you, McKibben, when Barry appointed Sally Jewell, Ken Salizar?