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Bill McKibben: This Climate Strike Is Part of the Disruption We Need

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/bill-mckibben-climate-strike-part-disruption-we-need


The Climate Strike won’t accomplish diddly unless it is long and sustained like Occupy. Huge numbers of people shutting down oil refineries, government buildings, concentration camps, surrounding the WH, protesting Amazon, blocking Walmart, raiding factory farms, for weeks and months will be required. Politicians and their moneyed backers can hunker down and survive a one-off demonstration no matter how big it might be. There should be massive numbers joining the striking coal miners in Kentucky but all I ever see is coverage of few miners sitting on the tracks. You want to get a populist progressive message to conservative areas; help them when they need it. They are us no matter who they vote for. Bernie, go sit on the tracks for few hours; shoot the shite, have a couple beers, sing some Woody Guthrie tunes like the old days.



This strike will not be the last such action.

Gawd I hope so! I’ll be out there, but clearly an uprising is called for, and an uprising this ain’t.

Occupy was an abortive uprising, crushed by the duopoly. What’s going on in Puerto Rico is an uprising, unseating the governor. Do you see the difference? It has to do with sticking around, day after day.

While I’ve got your ear, Bill, can you tell me how the name of that 350 organization is supposed to inspire anyone, when it’s sheer fantasy that humans could ever see atmospheric CO2 decline (not on any comprehensible timescale)? Implicit in that terrible choice for a name is the delusion that humans can seize control of the atmosphere, now that we’ve made it more chaotic, and somehow force down the global thermostat: CO2. It’s disgraceful hubris and moral hazard, Bill. Time for a name-change.

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