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Bill Moyers, America’s Conscience, Retires Again—This Time for Real


Bill Moyers, America’s Conscience, Retires Again—This Time for Real

Peter Dreier

The PBS journalist steps down from his long-time mission to document the lives of Americans and uncover waste, fraud, and abuse in corporate America and beyond.

“When I left the White House I had to learn that what matters in journalism is not how close you are to power, but how close you are to the truth,” (Photo: Dennis Van Tine/Geisler-Fotopres/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)


I tend to think of Moyers as a mind and soul that all of us have and share, even if only in dreams and discipline. As someone who loves his country and the potential seen through a heart one works to keep clear and loving, the connection even goes back to principles in the Tao te Ching, and pretty much any of the sacred texts. Lots wield those texts as bludgeons because they never LIVED the principles.

Many thanks Bill Moyers - and the Moyers family - for sharing this character and his insights and energy with the rest of us. I know I’ve benefited from the years of engagement with Bill Moyer’s vision and narrative. A life really well lived.


A true American patriot of which we need many, MANY more! However, who will hear his replacements given the corrupt and Fascist-leaning published lies of the fourth reich…er…estate?!


My favorite memory of Moyers was when he did a special on the run up to the Iraq Invasion and how everyone in the media fell in line promoting it (itself, a war crime, IMO). I especially loved when he nailed everyone’s favorite insider Tim Russert who let Cheney on his show to spread his vicious lies about WMD, etc.

I am saddened, tho, that Bill is ending his career enmeshed in all this Russia-gate BS.


Me, too, because he’s always been a decent sort for a capitalist–similar to Nader in many respects (thought without Nader’s razor-sharp political instincts).

The Russia debacle has and will bring low many an otherwise serviceable politico. Sadly, Moyers and his team of loyal Democrats fell for it harder than most.


Well, I don’t know who Glenn Garvin is, but I disagree with him vehemently insofar as his “facts” about Bill Moyers are concerned.

The retirement of Bill Moyers will leave a gaping hole in honest journalism!


Glenn Garvin is a conservative journalist for the Miami Herald. I guess he stopped thinking or forming opinions in the 1970’s. I would say that some ideology is far to dense for even Bill Moyers to enlighten. I think his record stands as an affirmation to his intentions.