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Billion Dollar US-funded 'New Alliance' Forcing Communities Off their Land in Tanzania


Billion Dollar US-funded 'New Alliance' Forcing Communities Off their Land in Tanzania

Doug Hertzler

Launched with great fanfare at the Camp David G8 summit in 2012, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition was supposed to inject much-needed money into rural communities in Africa. But three years later, one of the first projects of this US$8 billion initiative is set to force communities off their land in Tanzania.


I believe it was the Nation State of Mali that once had a policy wherein they would encourage farmers to grow an excess of food and have the Government guarantee a fair price. The Government would then store this food and distribute it when the inevitable drought occurred to ensure there never a famine.

The technocrats of the World bank got wind of this. They went to Mali and informed the Government that the surplus food should be sold on the world markets. They indicated that rather then growing surplus food other export type crops could be grown instead this earning currency which could then be used to pay down the debt .

The granaries were emptied. The inevitable drought occurred and people went hungry. Money had to be borrowed so as to IMPORT food the people could once grow, Mali sank further into debt and more under the control of the International banking system.

This is very much the same. People can not EAT sugarcane. They will labor to grow this stuff so as to fatten the wallets of foreigners so as to earn enough MONEY to buy what they used to grow for themselves.Colonialism and Imperialism has never really ended. It has taken a different form under the guise of “Banking and investment”.


“As part of the New Alliance agreements, ten African governments signed up to make policy changes that favor large agribusiness, and provide the land and labor for these huge plantations. But much of the land that is being allocated for New Alliance projects is already a source of food and income for some of the continent’s poorest farmers.”

This is how slavery returns to Africa. Instead of the European conquistadors arriving with muskets and gun powder, now they use courts and trade agreements to generate the same outcome: taking control of others and what belongs to them. Colonialism is yet to go out of style.


This is simply evil.

Investment should go toward infrastructure to support small farmers producing for regional markets. That’s real food security. But the predatory looters can’t loot that.

This “sophisticated” land-grab is purely a present-day evolution of enclosure, colonialism, and privatization. The generic term is “looting.”

The layering-on of a requirement that local farmers borrow many times their average annual income, in order to speculatively hope for a good future price growing this transnational industrial commodity crop, is simply a “sophisticated” method of effective enslavement.


To add, the fact that this criminal land-grab, usurpation and effective enslavement is packaged as “progressive, New Alliance, promoting food security” investment on behalf of those being robbed, is emblematic of the utter corruption of “public dialog,” language, and consciousness under the present transnational corporate empire’s “public relations” regime.


Gnash! Gnash!! Snarl! Godamnit, there should be payback for this kind of outrage! It’s enough to make a nonbeliever like me see the point in the reputed existence of Hell, because you know the pricks behind this are living in luxury, their kids attending Ivy League colleges, their wives winning praise for their humanitarian ventures…people starving, economies wrecked, and the culprits sail above it all.