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Billionaire Betsy Devos: A Horrifying Prospect for Public Schools


Billionaire Betsy Devos: A Horrifying Prospect for Public Schools

Erika Wozniak

Betsy DeVos has never gone to public schools. Her children have never attended public schools. She has never taught or served as an administrator in public schools. She has made a career out of funding schemes to cripple or destroy public schools. And now Donald Trump has a new way to put Betsy DeVos and public schools in the same sentence: Let Betsy DeVos help shape the future of public schools as head of the Education Department.


For educating the masses in a way that is consistent with our highest American ideals, public education is inherently superior to private-sector approaches.

I also grew up in Michigan and my mother was an elementary school teacher, and I think the Trump administration in general and Betsy DeVos' nomination in particular provide us with a great opportunity to attack and discredit the mythology that everything in life works better if you run it more like a business. That's an absurd myth, and of course, what the billionaires and CEOs really mean when they say that is that everything in life works better for them personally when they can fool people into applying market ideology where it simply doesn't belong.

We can't let corporate ideology and influence ruin public education the way they have ruined our diets and our agricultural system.


My late mom and grandmother and I had all worked in public schools. Not sure what someone who is a billionaire gets out of calling public schools a dead end. Notice that she does not call Wall Street ( that crashed the global economy ) a dead end. Why pick on teachers? I know that if I were a billionaire I would not want the tax payers to pay me in a public position adding even more wealth to myself. I would gladly share, and would not let that be used as control of the masses. I understand that she also is anti choice, and a religious zealot with a lot of money. Looks like a baroness also. What does this billionaire know about education ? What a jerk!


I also heard somewhere that she hates anyone with a disability.


She probably hates anybody who isn't a billionaire or hasn't joined the Amway pyramid.


Betsy DeVos is horrible, as is that entire DeVos ponzi scheme family.

But let's recognize how shitty our teaching methods are and how they kill the human spirit through these institutions of homogenized crap.

No need to blow sunshine up the skirt of shittiness just because something more shitty threatens that shit.


Good point, and Amway is another scam.


Are you a teacher? The teachers I know including retired ones have worked with many challenges and really love their jobs, and the kids make progress as well.


This monster even dislikes students with disabilities. Plus she wants students to be home schooled.


It kills profiteers that all the money-and it is considerable- that runs through public schools to educate all children in America cannot somehow be tapped FOR profit. Enter charter schools, mandated standardized tests, standardized curricula and etc and you can see ways that is happening.

The goal of teaching all children regardless of their circumstance is lofty and some would say grandiose. There are many real problems and challenges. The profiteering, no matter how nobly framed, generally seeks to tap the dollars and is shockingly indifferent to those core difficulties.

There are no easy answers to, "What should a 21st century education look like?" And, "How to best deliver it to this diverse group of kids some of which come to school wounded?"


Why should any parent be forced to send their child to a school that they consider to be inadequate based simply on the area that they live in?