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Billionaire Bonanza Continues as Workers Pounded by Pandemic, Recession, and GOP Relief Refusal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/billionaire-bonanza-continues-workers-pounded-pandemic-recession-and-gop-relief

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They didn’t “earn” a penny of their largess. The increased wealth comes from a stock market jacked up on cheap money (thanks to the Fed) and a Congressional bailout with no strings attached (like not laying off workers). Also, internet giants made off like bandits as in-person buying cratered at the expense of smaller, brick-and-mortar businesses. The money flowed to the billionaires at the expense of small businesses. Truly, we are poor because they are rich.


There should be no billionaires period!


Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.
JFK may just as well have been talking about our world here in late 2020. How much longer will it be before a large crowd gathers outside a billionaires office building, sets it on fire, and shoots anyone that runs out?
Of course, as this past election once again proved with over 73 million people voting against their own best interest, Jay Gould’s axiom from the first gilded age still holds true today. A rich man could indeed pay half the working class to kill the other half.
That is America in a nutshell, in 2020.


My fellow Democrats are sadly mistaken if they think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are truly interested in reversing the Republican (Freidman supply side disaster capitalism) economic system of the last 40 years.

This pro-corporate Democratic Party bears no resemblance to the grand party of the 1960’s and 1970’s where the working poor and middle class held a far greater share of our nation’s accumulated wealth.

Today’s party of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, and the other corporatists may talk a great game but look at the deals that Pelosi has negotiated. Look at the deal Pelosi gave us via Hank Paulson bailing out the giant banks for the 2007 Bush Financial collapse. Look at the deal Pelosi negotiated with Mnuchin for the 1st pandemic stimulus. Pelosi does a horrible job negotiating for workers and middle class families - she is full of shit!

When will the grand Democratic Party return? Not until labor and middle class families are the only focus. Corporations do NOT need government help and we all know the Republicans will take care of them…so by definition, Pelosi needs to wake up.

As lifelong Democrat, I am sick of the party believing the answer is a Republican lite platform. That platform empowers the Republicans and alienates the Democratic base. Why vote for a Democrat that offers little difference from a Republican?


We the People out number the “Uniforms” by 100,000 to one at least . .and we got weapons . .and at least 20 million are vets . .and we are pissed. just sayn . .


Pandemic? I suppose Dead Peasant’s Insurance claim payouts are helping too.

- nickname for an unethical use of corporate-owned life insurance in which a business buys insurance on employees without their consent. Today, employee consent is required for company-owned policies.

Yeah right, like anyone reads the fine print on their credit card statement. And lettin’ an employer benefit in the case of an employee’s death is, for some, a small price to pay for a J.O.B. IOWs they really don’t have a choice: starve and die OR work for X (company) which benefits financially if you die. Walmart was doing this until they were sued over it. However, this practice continues.

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Your well written comments are reminiscent of a quote which is an excellent commentary upon the less than egalitarian system which can be found in the United States where the author notes that:

“Every considerate person must combat a system which makes it possible for the individual to rake and hoard millions in a few years, while on the other side, thousands become tramps and beggars.”-George Engel-The Philosophy of Anarchism


True, the fascists also own the MSM whorespondents and presstitutes. If it ever happened we would never know about it! The revolution will never be televised.


There’s a consistent weekly rhythm to CDC Covid reports – more pronounced in reports of deaths than of new cases: The levels reported on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) almost always pull back slightly, followed by the bulk of a week’s reporting in the other four days. CDC reported 164,382 new cases today, for 11/17, pushing their 7-day moving average above 160K/day. To me this trend looks likely to exceed 200K new cases per day this week.

For the country as a whole, or for the states of most concern, we search in vain for signs of steeper slopes running out of steam. New Jersey is among only a dozen states which have not yet entered new outbreak highs – they had such a hard time early on – just look at their trajectory now: like a skateboarding tube.


Most commentary I see, regardless of orientation, has not yet caught up with the ominous implications of these incredibly steep outbreaks. Much of my life is like this – it’s no fun having a feeling you’ve got a glimpse of the future to share, not when it’s not a pretty glimpse. People know how to look away.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 stats (latest CDC stats):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/10/2020         937         937
>  18.  05/12/2020   1,363,124   1,364,061
>  27.  07/14/2020   2,052,367   3,416,428
>  36.  09/15/2020   3,155,583   6,572,011
>  45.  11/17/2020   4,728,624  11,300,635
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That is the big question. People’s revolutions are doomed to fail if the military doesn’t take their side, or at least sits out the festivities.
Most folks forget that, had the Czars army not eventually sided with the Bolsheviks, Lenin’s revolution would have failed miserably. Whether Americans would fire upon their fellow citizens may already be being proved with every police action against protesters. I don’t believe that America’s militarized police would even hesitate. They would mow down an entire crowd of their fellow Americans, then piss on their bleeding bodies. I have no doubt.

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Wealth and Inequality ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM&t=23s

If firearms in the USA were actually a defense against the US military illegally operating on US soil, neither the gun fetishists nor the NRA would be where they are today.

Gunship helicopters? Tanks? Bradly APCs? Yup, that semi-automatic AR-15 is going to hold the military at bay. Unless you have anti-aircraft rockets and RPGs in your arsenal, you’re not going to stand up to the military with violent force.

But like automobile acting like an exoskeleton, guns (especially assault rifles - stop calling them “long guns,” as that’s stupid and plays into their double-speak) make the stupid and cowardly seemingly brave and aggressive.

Just wait until the pandemic has receded enough for public schools to open. Then we’ll all see what these defenses against tyranny really do for the USA.


I didn’t mean you. Sorry if you took it that way. That’s on me as I should have been clearer.

I was trying to expand on your thoughts, and totally agree with your “long range” observations, hence my addition of automobiles acting as exoskeletons.

I was addressing the “general public.” I’m finding it increasingly annoying hearing news reporters calling them “long guns.” The AR-15 I do believe the “AR” stands for assault rifle. Ritterhouse’s friend claiming he bought that assault rifle so they could go “hunting” is patent BS. Who goes deer hunting with an assault rifle?

Best regards.


We’re allies, no doubt in my mind.

Thanks for the challenge. Please never hesitate to call me out if I’ve not made myself clear. That’s what this communication is all about.


Hi BigB:

I am wondering when the billionaires will take the time to read up on France in 1789. Although, throughout history, it does seem that horrific things can happen to the People who are trying to survive-----as in Syria . A man was harassed by the police and --when he went off—so to speak —so did the neighborhood ----and then neighborhood, by neighborhood and person by person--------everything changed.

Binding boundless greed

FIX the TAX LAWS. Take the trillion and divide it up… THREE THOUSAND dollars per US. resident. That will keep you going until the vaccine is ready, and you will be very keen to get work.

History is being hidden and forgotten.




You make very good points. Pelosi (and her ilk) will never make substantive changes to a system that has made her a $100 millionaire. Look at Biden’s proposed cabinet: Susan Rice and Michele Flournoy, who are sure to keep us embroiled in numerous foreign wars and on the brink of nuclear destruction, Ernest Moniz, tied to the fossil fuel industry, and a slew of other capitalist honchos, deep state operatives and republicans. Not one progressive. No move to the left, rather, a resounding move further right. It will never change if left to them.