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'Billionaire Boom': While World's Richest 1% Took 82% of All New Wealth in 2017, Bottom Half Got Zero


'Billionaire Boom': While World's Richest 1% Took 82% of All New Wealth in 2017, Bottom Half Got Zero

Jon Queally, staff writer
A new billionaire was created every two days last year and now, according to Oxfam, just 42 individuals own as much wealth as the world's poorest 3.7 billion people


Time to build the guillotines.


and then time to use the damn things.

enough is enough with these overlords


When a self-fullfilling solipsism (predatory economic construct) convinces a ‘True Believer’ (see Eric Hoffer on mass movements) human beings enter into a precipitous devolution. That regression functions like the Chinese finger trap. The steeper the decline the less likely for the ‘trapped’ to think clearly, feel fully and act wisely. In terms of “class war” the investor/owner is the trap as well as the trapped.


Thank you for the reference to Eric Hoffer, the True Believer is my Bible.


I have been reading reports like this from all over the web for the last 12/16 hours. If you are paying attention you are crying.


42 people own half the world’s wealth? Sounds like a problem that can be solved with 42 bullets…


Too clean, make it dirtier.
Sorry, it makes me angry what is going on and I’ve been angry for years. Someday I’ll get it under control.


How long will the American people tolerate this?


When you figure that enough people voted for and believe in someone like Trump for president of the USA, there is little hope that the people are smart enough to realize just how they are being fucked over. The oligarchs know how to keep the people fighting amongst themselves instead of turning their attention to the real criminals who are stealing from them. They have done this throughout history and keep on perfecting ways to keep everyone divided and distracted. And from the perspective of my 63 years living in the USA, I see little hope that things will ever change. People still believe in the lie that they too can become rich beyond all imagination and even worse think that’s a good thing. Things are not going to get better going forward as long as the oligarchs are in charge.


How wealth and those who control it came to control representative government and enhance their own wealth at the expense of all others - corruption of individuals, politics, elections, government, legislation, truthful informative media, and courts. An obscenity and capital crime -treason by those who became criminals to serve and lead the Con.

An obscenity and crime against the people and nations by any gauge one might use. Money has become the arbiter of truth and justice - sanctioned by the so-called “supreme” court - controller of our lives and future of our Mother Earth and all Her other creatures -we have all been made wage and debt/interest slavery with those who play the game diverted from truth and those who struggle thrown out in the garbage - all slaves, modern serfs one way or another.

There have always been Quislings and agents to serve the power and still are, either consciously or those asleep to the crime and domination of their lives. Do we still have even the idea of unity and resolve to fight against the Con - the power? To rise up to demand revolutionary change? To gather together and shout I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it any more?


This “country” was developed on the frontier model. There is no more frontier. We have a MORAL duty to take care of one another. We all know what trickles down, now don’t we?


The system is working quite well. How come Liberals and Conservatives don’t get this?


Here’s a good take on money, and what is done with it, and what could be:



What good are billionaires?

If 95% of the voting electorate keeps voting for billionaires and billionaire-wanabees, we will never regain our Democracy.

Vote for the those more interested in doing good for the masses.


A large percentage of the American people are programmed to worship the rich.


And more fundamentally American people are programmed to worship money.


Maybe you guys are just kidding advocating violent revolution, however violence only begets more violence, which history has proven. And, I think cd should delete all comments that call for killing … Calling for violence helps violent fascists label U.S. citizens as terrorists.


Probably so, but I think the world is more persuaded by the nearly 1,000 military bases we maintain around the world, the active warfare we are conducting in who-knows-how-many countries now, the drone strikes, the threats of nuclear war from “our” President, the racism, the mass incarceration, the colonialism, the fundamentalism of our own religious lunatics at the very top…

So, forgive us if we vent.


As long as the majority of Americans still believe this: IF YOU THINK YOU ARE SO SMART; WHY AIN’T YOU RICH?