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Billionaire Donors Plot a ‘Renaissance of Freedom’ — for the Privileged


Billionaire Donors Plot a ‘Renaissance of Freedom’ — for the Privileged

Jim Hightower

Charles and David Koch — the billionaire oil men who’ve financed a vast network of right-wing advocacy groups — have stayed out of the national limelight recently. But they’re still trying to supplant American democracy with their little laissez-fairyland plutocracy.

In fact, in late June, they held a meeting of the Koch Boys Billionaires Club, gathering about 400 other uber-wealthy rascals to plot some political high jinks for next year’s elections.


It is like the rich all feel a need to get while the getting is good because they expect the whole thing to come tumbling down in the near future. These people are not stupid nor idiotic. They must know very well that there is an impending climate crisis ahead. It is like they all expect it to be the end is nigh and they just don’t care about trying to avoid it.

Could it really be that they know about the climate but just don’t care?

That would be selfish of them wouldn’t it!


North Korea? Iran? Venezuela? Russia? China? Syria? The Kochs? Who is public enemy no. 1?


There is no question in my mind that the Billionaires know very well about the climate and nuclear disasters that we are risking. And no, they don’t care. I guess you have to be a sociopath to get your head around accelerating global destruction, even given children and grandchildren of their own.


I ain’t advocatin’ nothin’, but a well timed catastrophe at the Broadmoor Hotel couldn’t hurt the future of humankind and all the rest of it’s critters.


They probably DO care about the latter  As was so clearly illustrated in Nevil Shute’s novel and film ‘On The Beach’, radiation from a nuclear conflict will eventually spread around the entire globe and endanger - or end - all life everywhere.  But you are probably right about the Ultra-Fat-Cats not caring about the consequences of climate change caused by global warming.  It’s likely that they all own, or soon will own, huge areas of land at elevations & latitudes less likely to be affected by the worst of drought and sea-level rise — sufficient acreage
for them to raise more than enough food for themselves and their families, as well as their serfs and security forces . . .


IIRC, the BROaDMOOR is located on the shoulder of Cheyenne Mountain – under which NORAD is located – probably not the easiest place on earth to save it with “a well-timed catastrophe” . . .


Next stop for the Kochs after Broadmoor was the closed door ALEC meeting in Denver where they continued work on repealing the 17th Amendment that enabled US Senators to be elected by a popular vote. Before the 2018 election they hope to return to the gilded age practice of Governors and State Party bosses appointing Senators.

Make America gilded again ?


The real crime is that this isn’t headline news???When politicians attend fundraisers it should be reported who are the major contributors -------these people are the owners of the politicians.The LA Times reported about all the new money from the weed industry in Calif going to politicians-----this is to shape laws that favor the big guys over the little guys. When will the media call this for what it is-BRIBES! PAYOFFS!


“The corrupting influence of the 17th Amendment” blames the victim.

Corruption existed prior to the 17th Amendment’s passage in 1913 and continued to expand until FDR’s New Deal included some tepid controls that limited corruption compared to earlier eras. Ever since the New Deal started being dismantled forty years ago corruption has again increased and reached unprecedented levels as K Street has evolved into the hub of US and global corruption.

Until all private money is banned from election campaigns, electing or appointing Senators will be corrupt. Elections are more transparent than appointments making elections slightly less corrupt.


How do you say that name? Are their supporters Koch snorters or Koch suckers?


I am sharing this with my site and email list as well.



what about colorado springs? put that in c. dreams


GO, INDEPENDENT MEDIA. Turn off the TV, cancel the subscriptions.