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Billionaire GOP Donors Positive for Covid-19 After White House Election Watch Party

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/13/billionaire-gop-donors-positive-covid-19-after-white-house-election-watch-party


could not happen to better people. may they all come down with it and drop dead!


Their employees are just collateral damage for people like this. Hopefully Covid will take out the head of the snake and the real source of their extreme wealth can practice C-19 safety procedures without worrying about losing their jobs because their owners are shithouse rat crazy.
Just read that the Joint Chiefs have given Trump a stern warning that they have only one loyalty-to protect and defend the Constitution. That he should stop trying to politicize the military to be his loyal troops. That’s also a warning to GOP folks like McConnell et al. Given January 20, 2021, Biden is CiC, not Trump.


It’s clear that money hasn’t bought these two intelligence.


Good news for a change!


General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated this past Wednesday,

“We are unique among militaries.”

“We do not take an oath to a King or a Queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual.”

That was directed at Trump, the Proud Boys and all the White Supremacists salivating at being turned loose by the enabling GOP.

In layman’s terms, “The Confederacy is dead, and you will be too if you can’t accept reality.”


Not really a bad thing when the number of wingers, including centrists, is inevitably whittled down.


The really sad thing, compared to some awful STD’s for instance, is I seriously doubt it was worth it, by any stretch of the imagination. These orgies of unsafe practices, conducted in Washington bathhouses, probably aren’t anywhere near as much fun as back in the day…

I wish them a blessing: May they both have a very good case of COVID.


They are going to have to fumigate the White House after Trump leaves.


After inheriting the Schlitz Beer fortune, Dick was not satisfied and substituted corn syrup for malt and putting lots of chemicals in the beer, thereby rapidly reducing sales and confining the brand to the dust bin of history as he took the money and ran.

They are reaping what they have sowed. I have no sympathy for them!

May these two soulless meat sacks suffer the dire consequence of their hate and ignorance, I hope their date with Ole Nick is soon. The official company notices to their employees is a crime.

…Billionaire butthole Covidiots, they should buy an island and phkn stay there, their attitude proves they shouldn’t live with the rest of us, it’s a security risk, at least…

yes. A case of instant Karma would be fitting for them.