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Billionaire Heiress Lashes Out at Unions Because Her Fortune Didn’t Buy Election

Billionaire Heiress Lashes Out at Unions Because Her Fortune Didn’t Buy Election

Steven Singer

Betsy DeVos is furious!

She and her family spent boatloads of money this election cycle and few of their candidates won.

Instead, lawmakers were largely selected by these things called… ew… voters.


Steven singer called Betsy DeVos a privatization pimp. He’s awesome.


She reflects how the 1 percent feel about everything and in fact the supporters of this economic sysem where self interest seen as the engine of the economy and something that to be exalted are in much the same vein.

Ms Devos is complaining because there NOTHING in it for HER when the people come and and vote for the good of the many. Her POV is all premised on “But I am not getting anything out of this” even as she has more then she will ever need.

She does not care about teachers , or the working class or the electorate. She only cares about herself and how she can make the system work better for herself. That all you need to know.


“That’s rich…” (Good double meaning.)

“You can’t spell Democracy without DEMOnstrative Wealth!” …

Here’s another version: You can’t spell Democracy without DEMONStrative Wealth!

How about substituting DEVOS, as in: You can’t spell Democracy without DEVOStrative wealth!

When billionaire inheritor Devos boasts about using extreme wealth to push for what she considers “traditional virtues” of America, did she forget the fundamental U.S. principles of “all men are created equal” and “with liberty and justice for all”?

I get the feeling that many 1%ers, with their ill-gotten riches, do not like another basic U.S. principle: “one person, one vote.”

I get the feeling many 1%ers do not like democracy, but instead are trying to change the U.S. into a plutocracy!

Devos is yet another Trump “swamp creature” who should resign immediately! She’s abusing her position of Secretary of Education to attack teachers and public schools – which is a violation of her official duties and the official purpose of the Department of Education!

Is this attack on teachers and public schools what Devos considers “a traditional virtue of America”?

Is this attack on teachers and public schools what Trump and his ilk consider “making America great again”?


I thought the Betsy DeVos version of education sounded familiar… now I remember…


ohhhhhh theoldgoat: oh those poor people—they had no idea. And sadly, I think the parents of the students of the DeVos schooling plans have no idea either----but the results are then same------------ a whole lot of bull!


Her ilk only cares about winning. The cost doesn’t matter when you can afford any cost.


Close, sailor — but no Cigar.

Unfortunately, DeVos is worse, MUCH worse – and MUCH more dangerous – than either of you describe her.   DeVos is a THEOCRACY PIMP, a member of the Funny-Dementalist far, far right wrong whose #1 goal is to subvert the Constitution and turn our nation into a “christian” version of Iran or Saudi Arabia, with herself and Cruz and Pence and Rubio and Sessions and their ilk as the Imams & Ay-yi-yi-Atollahs lording it over the semi­rational rest of us.


Fuque Betsy DeVos and that reality TV whore she rode in on!

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Betsy’s sense of entitlement will be her legacies high point.

Her lack of humanity, her low point.

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Betsy Devious would like to all education added to the Amway catalog, the pyramid scheme that put her clan into the billionaire class.


Dear Betsy,
It is called Sunday school because it takes place on Sunday and is, unfortunately, at the discretion of the parents as to whether or not use it to indoctrinate their possessions, er children. Monday through Saturday is reserved for reality, so really I say to you piss off with your sanctimonious rantings, explicit or implicit, regarding vouchers or charter schools.
Not So Respectfully Yours,
The Enlightenment


DeVious sez: “I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence."

Unsurprisingly, there’s a typo in her written statement. This should be faking.


Hilarious—she’s miffed because she didn’t get what she paid for??

Welcome to our world, Snowflake.


In the new U.S.A., principles and integrity need to be the main reason for doing things - not how much money can influence something. The old U.S.A. needs to end and we need a new U.S.A. with a true democracy.

Man - like a slap in the face or a pitcher of ice cold water in the face. The stark reality is very, very disturbing and we need to be aware of how vicious and destructive people like DeVos are. This is real and serious. Thank you for that wake up call.


Notice they attack teachers but not the Wall Street banksters!

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No, the old new USA needs to end- and the courageous people ( not the sheeple) have to come to the forefront!

This woman is ugly, dangerous, and downright DUMB!

I would say they only care about themselves and making a buck.