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Billionaire NFL Owners Rebuked for Announcing Fines for Teams If Players #TakeAKnee


Billionaire NFL Owners Rebuked for Announcing Fines for Teams If Players #TakeAKnee

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

National Football League (NFL) team owners were widely rebuked Wednesday for a new policy to penalize professional football teams whose players exercise their right to protest after athletes across the league locked arms, raised fists, or


Soon the NFL will require all fans, all players to wear military garb and pray openly to the War Gods.

Fuck the NFL.


Nobody is forcing us—yet—to spend our time and money on NFL. I recommend watching reruns of “North Dallas Forty” or going for a long ride on some twisty two-lane instead.


White billionaires bringing their owned gladiator negro millionaires to heel before them. Respect their filthy country or you’ll get yer self a fine there boy.



Whew! So glad we live in a free country! I feel bad for those poor bastards in 3rd world dictatorships!
NO wonder they all want to come here!!



The players already wear armored uniforms, and they DO pray at high school games - at least in the south.


How do you even force someone to have respect. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose???

Maybe the players just need a new tactic…Stand with head bowed. When that gets outlawed come up with another new pose…Stand erect with eyes closed.

When they get around to strapping them to a board with one hand on their heart and the other at their side and eyes pried open (ala Clockwork Orange, maybe) THEN maybe someone will take notice of the shredded constitution.


How could these owners be so out of touch? I think about 75% of the players in the NFL are African Americans and these protests are centered on police shootings of African Americans. The owners should be giving money for programs to train police for improvements in police work or something positive. The owners have now alienated themselves from most professional football fans. I prefer college football but sometimes look in on NFL games. It would seem that this this move by the owners would not stand up in court. I imagine we will find out before too long.


This is about the NFL, not high school football. It’s a big business and NFL games are most watched shows on TV.


A pice of rag that stands for such a bigoted and warmongering nation does not deserve repect but these kneeling football players certainly do. Someone should organize a spectator kneeling protest.


Fuck the NFL.


I proudly served my country so that others could take a knee in opposition to my personal sentiments about appropriately honoring the patriotic symbols of our great country. And so I say F##CK the NFL team owners and their spineless rules and threats of fines. My family has agreed that our home will be NFL free from here on out. Dissent is the purest form of patriotism. Let’s see how professional football fares without the full support of its fans and players. George Galloway said “There are those who wrap themselves in flags and blow the tinny trumpet of patriotism as a means of fooling the people.” We are not fooled!


Professional sport has never had any integrity. It’s a marketing scam. The NFL players may certainly have the right to free speech, but only when the Government actually tries to do something against it. Unfortunately, no employees have any rights under the Constitution, anywhere, The more that’s made of this, the less will be done to ensure the rights of people who try to make statements while on the job. with the military paying so much money for access, and advertising, the pro leagues (and amateurs as well) will do whatever they can to keep the revenue flowing.


There’s an underlying assumption here that exercising one’s First Amendment rights has to be in some manner “patriotic” to be considered legitimate.

I find that odd in the context of a defense of same

But this is America, innit?


Can you be more specific about what you did in the military that somehow was needed for my civil liberties to exist? In Iraq?, In Afghanistan?, In Latin America, In Vietnam? In Korea? In any of those thousands of US bases worldwide in places the US has not business being?

Please don’t tell me the lie that whatever you did in the US military - or the US military itself somehow has done anything to protect my freedom over my lifetime. Face it. You “served your country” to protect the power and privilege of US capitalist business interests. But you are forgiven. We all make mistakes.

We would have far more freedoms right now - specifically the four freedoms of FDR- Freedom of speech, worship, want and fear (especially the last two) if we would dismantle the war machine.


Where exactly are the rebukes? This decision is wildly popular among NFL fans.


I agree, I was drafted during the Viet Experience, I made it into the Coast Guard where We actually did serve people, however the price I extracted from the military was to take home as much Government property as I could possibly haul . .I thank the Taxpayers for all my neat stuff . .


Very likely a good majority of NFL fans are going to be just fine with this policy.

I chose wisely in avoiding tribal, militaristic sports from early on in life.


A lot of players don’t seem very phased by this It appears the Jets are willing to pay any fines and let the players do what they want.