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Billionaire-Owned Observer Whines About Democratization of Media in 2016’s Worst Op-ed


Billionaire-Owned Observer Whines About Democratization of Media in 2016’s Worst Op-ed

Adam Johnson

Second only to glib equivalencies between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, 2016’s most popular lazy media trope is the idea that rabid Sanders fans have unleashed dark populist forces that threaten our republic. Both are fairly common, and more or less write themselves if the author tosses coherence and intellectual honesty out the window.


But there is something to it, about the public discerning the facts. For every fact there is a counter fact. It gets really hard out here to know what's what. I'm for Bernie and a political revolution and to get rid of the oligarchs. Not completely but taxed them back to the 60's when they were making good profits, growing and expanding, valued labor, customer goodwill and research and development and product and work safety. Doing all that they have grown to the mega conglomerates making obscene profits. That is what we want to put an end to it and the new wealth in these paper money pushers who have corrupted the system and now have as much power as old money.


If you live in a fantasy world of daily untruths and hubris it is easy to write an editorial reflecting your own fantasies, hubris, and untruths.

The sheep aren't going where they are supposed to, they are eating my Armani suit, and they are actually shitting on my submitted manuscript. Kill all the sheep! Down with twitter, facebook, and DEMOCRACY!

Please Mr. Holliday I am so fucking stupid and uninformed that you simply MUST tell me what to think.


Nearly four decades of Murkins swallowing their propaganda is what gave oligarchs that hubris.

Its great to see so many Murkins abandoning their denial of reality and finally letting facts get in the way of the feel good stories the oligarchs have fed us.


Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, and I think we may want to give credit where credit is due. The corporate media does stand to makes BILLIONS in extra revenue this campaign season. And while it looked for a while that only the GOP primary season was going to provide the kind of circus that brings in buku ad revenues (and it has) the democrats have inadvertently provided a decent subplot for the MSM to exploit for profit. It's the differences in the coverage that provide the starkest differences between the parties, and thus provide us with a mirror into the pro-conservative bias in today's board room run media outlets.
As one watches the tv news and reads what's left of the print media, it has become abundantly clear that everything will be done to help the survivor of the republican free for all win the White House. And in lieu of that scenario, they unabashedly support Hillary Clinton as their "fall back chick." While the media has recently begin to love the the new Hillary/Bernie campaign paradigm, they are still transparent in their support for Hillary, and, as in the case of the daily hit pieces by the Washington post, have nothing but fear and loathing for the Sanders campaign.
Just watch what happens if Sanders comes back and wins Nevada, and comes within 5 or ten points in South Carolina. Outlets like the Washington Post and all the other mouthpieces for the oligarchy will absolutely soil themselves, and of course follow that up with some of the worst demonizations of a politician that have been seen since the days Nixon's Saturday night massacre.


Holiday—formerly the marketing director for American Apparel and, according to his bio, a “media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business”

"I'm Connie Carson, a young career woman who's made a career out of
talking to women about women and their careers! Join us next week, when
I'll be talking to Gloria Steinem, about glasses frames and how to
choose them!" - Gilda Radner, SNL, 10/21/78


What he doesn't mention is that the rise of the internet bloggers is because the print and electronic media fell down on the job so badly. When you have corporations dictating what qualifies as newss you have nothing worthwhile.


Holiday sez: "(Sanders) is a candidate who ... is drowning in headlines."

Unlike Clinton, who is impervious to drowning thanks to her ability to walk on water. Right, Doc?


Corporations maintained customer goodwill, performed research and development, and product and worker safety because laws and regulations were in place that created this corporate behavior and cultural expectations that demanded it. They have never valued Labor--ever. There have been times better than these for average white Americans, but we the people have had to fight for everything we have, including for the vast majority, recognition as people with rights under the Constitution. There really haven't been any good ole days for people of color and the poor.

We need to go all the way back to 1886, before the Santa Clara v. Western Pacific Railroad case--before corporations were people with rights--in order to correct what's wrong with corporations, our economy and democracy.