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Billionaire Philanthropist Tom Steyer Announces 2020 Presidential Bid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/billionaire-philanthropist-tom-steyer-announces-2020-presidential-bid

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Yup, just what we need…another idiot Billionaire who wants to be President. At least Bloomberg had the common sense to stay out of it.


Here’s a question no one is asking:

Why the hell does it cost so much goddam money to run for president?

Here’s my answer, FWIW:

Because it takes so goddam long.

Next question:

Why the hell does it take so goddam long?

My answer:

The longer it takes, the more money it makes.

I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.


Political consultants are weeping.

Tears of joy.

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"Tom Steyer thinks your stupid."Libby Watson.


IMHO, If Steyer REALLY cared about saving Amerika from Multi-NaZional Korporate Greed he would donate several million dollars to Bernie and/or 'Beth and stay out of the race himself.   Or perhaps he should buy Fox “News” instead, and have his new minions start broadcasting the truth for a change . . .


Well said. Or maybe Tom could donate $100,000,000.00 to Jay Inslee’s campaign to address the coming climate crisis!


This is just another fake populist. Trump redux. His Corporations should not be people is admirable but he has not promised action like an Executive Order to bring it back into the courts.

Trump claimed to be a populist and stole his anti-rigged-trade, anti-war campaign lines from Bernie Sanders, who truly means it. Once in office we see that Trump’s trade war is a phony war designed to fool his voters again and his warmongering stance is on full display with the swamp creatures in his cabinet. The Art of Breaking Campaign Promises, by Donald Trump.

Anybody who is in the race against Bernie Sanders is against Bernie Sanders’ platform: Medicare For All, Green New Deal, Getting Money out of Politics and ending Endless Wars.


Does anyone else see this as a last gasp of the establichment’s desperation to keep Bernie out of the White House? One by one their favorite candidates has been shown wanting in the eyes of the public. It started with Beto and now Biden is faltering. So now, along comes the billionaire savior! Coincidence? You decide.


As the quote goes “no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
After Trump’s election i am not about to dismiss anyone out of hand.
This guy is at least smart enough to understand what much of the public wants to hear, or rich enough to hire someone who does at any rate.

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Ross Perot died today. If Steyer uses graphs, we’ll have to suspect reincarnation.

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I don’t want to bring religion into this, but… Jesus Christ! There are way too many millionaires/billionaires in races for Governor, Senator, and President. The election process needs to be seriously streamlined, and shortened in duration. This two-year plus time frame is far too long, and costs far too much. Even though the “founders” were a bunch of rich (many slave owning) white men, and talked a good game, the Jeffersonian “yeoman farmer” candidate has gone the way of an extinct animal. With Congressional elections(dismissively referred to as mid-terms) going on every two years, the general electorate never really gets a break. Electing a President should be a thoughtful process, but we don’t need to run a horse race every four years. Get the money out of campaigning! Make the people pay. Or, make it free. Every two years(for Congressional candidates, and every four for President) If the general public, including habitually ignorant non-voters, had to pay for the process, as well as candidates not being reduced to quadrennially mendicant cheerleaders for various causes, maybe, just maybe, we would attract better candidates than rich people with their hands out.


Harris is the new DNC hope for anyone-but-Sanders. They will settle for Warren if they have to. Steyer is just his own ego.


We need a complete rewrite of the Constitution. Lots of democracy systems have been worked out since 1789 that function far better than the clunky abomination we suffer under. Parliaments, proportional representation, unicameral legislatures, ranked choice or other voting that allows the voter to address every candidate on the ballot instead of a single vote that must go to only one candidate, public budgeting that allows voters to sketch the outlines of budget priorities, etc. etc. etc.

Way beyond piecemeal reform, we need a whole new system.


Would he give US Liquid Democracy, Cellphone and Blockchain Voting?

oh come on. why don’t we just raffle the bloody thing off at the country club, for crying out loud.

the egos of these monsters.

“let’s take back democracy from, well, me!”

great idea, Steyer.


Farallon was the name of Tom’s hedge fund. So named for the Farallon Islands off the California coast.
The locals call it Devils Teeth Islands referring to the many treacherous under water shoals and sharks. I note Tom swam about in these waters until he accumulated one billion-five hundred million dollars before he got got religion. When one retires from a hedge fund is not like when you and I retire … we stop getting a pay check.

Does he get on the debate stage? He surely is polling at less than 1% and has to get x amount of donations. Who would donate to someone who says he will spend unlimited amount of his own money. Got to agree with you that it is all ego with this guy.

And that is exactly why, in my opinion, Bernie has no chance in 2020!

On the surface it is true that the last thing we need is another billionaire in politics. Our present billionaire president is, to put it mildly, god-awful. But Steyer’s candidacy has to be seen in more than in a two-dimensional way.
If one listens to what he is saying, he is expressing the feelings of millions of people. Many of them may feel, however, they can’t relate to Bernie, or the other progressives in the race. But Steyer’s message may resonate with people, who might begin the journey down a path that could lead them to a new understanding of the world. Maybe they’ll begin to give the ideas of Sanders, Warren, et. al a deeper reception.
Anyone who stands up against the current right-wing domination of our political system deserves a hearing and a platform. That’s democracy.
BTW: Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, two of the most admired presidents we had in the twentieth century were both multi-millionaires (when a million dollars was really a lot of money.) And, in FDR’s case, he implemented an agenda that helped millions of ordinary Americans. Being rich (a feature of capitalist society) should not in itself disqualify a person from holding progressive ideas.
Unless he somehow wins the Democratic nomination, I have no plans to work or vote for Steyer. What’s wrong with a successful capitalist pushing ideas that a lot of people would be happy to see come about? It would be, if nothing else, a counter-weight to Trump and his ilk.