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Billionaire Philanthropist Tom Steyer Announces 2020 Presidential Bid

I liked Perot during his “sucking sounds” related to trade deals that would steal USA workers jobs. He was hated by the establishment, and he was not part of the political elite class serving corporate interests, but he earned 19% of the peoples’ vote in his second run for president.

Unfortunately, Clinton won and those sucking sounds became very real after NAFTA was passed. If Perot had won, I think that our political landscape today would be very different. Probably for the better.

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That, I believe, is an absolutely awesome idea!! Is it possible?? Because just recently on another thread, we were talking about the need to get the messages we believe in out there to the people who get their views from the MSM. And someone (I forget who) said, how? And someone else said, well, if we could find a billionaire willing to start a new station/channel who was sympathetic to our views (<=they didn’t say that last part). Now here he is! Could he actually do the same thing Ted Turner tried to do with his TBS way back when? Trouble is, didn’t that turn into CNN? Argh! So maybe if you try to broadcast Leftist views on a TV channel that reaches millions of people, the CIA comes around and makes them an offer they can’t refuse (like either cement shoes into the nearest body of water or go with the prevailing narrative). But maybe it could last until the next election takes place, allowing Bernie Sanders to win. Might be worth a try…

Steyer is “only” worth 1.6 billion. That sure as hell isn’t enough to buy Fox or any name brand outlet. Next…

Web, I totally agree on the rewrite. We are spinning our collective wheels trying to “fix” the system we have under the existing constitution. I’d give you more “hearts” for this one if I could. :blush::blush:

“Are You Kidding Me??” — John McEnroe

IF ONLY the utterly corrupt DNC would settle for Warren.  If she were President the CFPB would get some new chrome steel dentures (á lá that character in one of the early James Bond movies), Dodd-Frank would be reinstated, and a huge number of other reforms would be enacted that would cost the PTB dearly.  No, if it’s not that useless wind-sock Joe Biden then we’ll probably be stuck with a Harris-BaitOh ticket.  I’m sharpening my pencil to write in “Bernie and 'Beth” for the third time (not that any of the current horses’ asses race will matter two hoots when Tweetle-Dumb & Jarr-Jarr are done rigging the election even more blatantly than in 2016 . . . )

In the current political climate, this would be a bad time to call an Constitutional convention. While I agree with your points, this fake populism wave would be a real tough ride.

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Money for advertising in media especially. And Americans are gullible enough to fall for sound bytes and misleading ads again and again. For many it’s their primary souce of political news and information.

Bernie is raising enough money to keep his message going the distance. He will need to sharpen his distinctions with the other candidates as time goes on and the field of candidates gets smaller. All of the other candidates have skeletons hiding in their closet that the mainstream media is not exposing. Kamala Harris helped knock down Biden’s lead by many percentage points and made the race a 5 person race. Bernie is tied for second place right now amongst Likely Voters (LV): https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/president-primary-d/
(You can filter to only include B+ or better pollsters)

Tom Steyer is going to take away a lot of Biden’s support as well as some Harris, Buttigieg and Warren support. I don’t think any Bernie supporters are going to jump ship to Steyer.

If Steyer thinks that he is in for a rude awaking! Hey Tom, if you really believe what you say, then how about contributing your $100,000,000.00 to Bernie’s campaign and forget your ego. You could do a lot more good doing that than running for POTUS.