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Billionaire Tom Steyer Rips Democrats for Lacking Guts to Push for Trump's Impeachment


Billionaire Tom Steyer Rips Democrats for Lacking Guts to Push for Trump's Impeachment

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a keynote address at the annual Netroots Nation gathering in New Orleans on Thursday, billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer tore into establishment Democrats for refusing to do "anything real" to stop President Donald Trump and accused Democratic leaders of lacking the courage and "common sense" to support impeachment.


I totally agree with everything in this article…but am really terrified to think of Pence stepping into the position, or after him, the current utter bastards next in line… And yes, the establishment Dems are completely responsible for this whole appalling situation because they haven’t listened to their constituencies in years, and have fielded no candidates that might… So, why vote, or why not vote in anger for someone as heinous as Trump?


Why not vote in hope for Greens? Voting D/R is like trying to choose the side of the coin that’s slightly less counterfeit than the other.


Tom Steyer is a billionaire. He can say anything he wants, to anyone. Yeah, impeach Trump. Whoopee. Who’s next in line? Mike Pence. A more experienced politician, and a far more insidious man to just pop into the Presidency. The Republicans may be crooked, but the Democrats are crooked because they’re spineless. Wait out the Mueller probe, wait out the Congressional elections in November, and just keep the heat on. The best we could do is hound Trump to an early resignation, or hound him to an incapacitating event. Either way, unless you want a better politician(Mike Pence) and the same gang of idiots and fanatics on the job, wait until the 2020 elections, and fucking vote Democratic. Quit the purity test BS and just clean house.


Talk of impeachment will just increase turnout by the right in the upcoming election. And Trump won’t be impeached if the Republicans hold a majority in the House next year. The Mueller investigation may reveal clear reasons for impeachment. I think the main objective is to protect that investigation. The Democrats are resisting Trump about as much as they can are limited because they are not in the majority.


It will take at least another generation for the “electorate”, to adapt to more than a two party ticket. Hoping for the Greens will just end up with a split center-left menu, or a continuation of the current crap.


This effort is a total waste of time and money. It is very difficult to get people excited over the prospect of a Pence presidency. Trump is bad, but Pence is much worse, because with a smile and a bland affect, he pushes policies that destroy lives. He puts people to sleep, while Trump wakes them up and keeps everyone engaged. These billionaires need to find other hobbies besides trying to control electoral outcomes. The Koch-Trump-Bezos-Bloomberg-Mercer-Soros-Steyer show is oh so tiresome, and needs to withdraw from the public stage.


Are we still supposed to think that the Democratic Party is good for anything,
but as a useful tool for their senior GOP partners?

What you’ve seen is what you’ll get more of.

Move on to Green Party and expose more of this fascism and corruption of government.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if another billionaire was responsible for ending 45?



I’m under no illusions about the current state of electoral politics in This Shining City on a Hill ®, most especially including the thoroughly bipartisan program to prevent the rise of any effective third party.

rma above named two ways to protest this situation: boycott the vote, or vote “in anger” for the greater evil. I submit that voting Green is by far the most effective protest; beside which, if enough do so, it might help get the Green Party over the ballot-access hurdle placed in its path by the duopoly parties.


Tom I appreciate you’re wanting to dispose of Trump, and the large amount of money you’re willing to spend to do it. But please reconsider, more than 1/2 of the Dem’s are just as corrupt as Trump. You could put the Green Party on the map and put quite a few progressives in office with that amount of money. Think about it won’t you.


Why not address the core issue—all the corrupt money going to the two major political parties.


With all the money in politics, I’m glad some of it is being thrown from our side.



This fear has been expressed before you expressed it. I really think Pence will not be as BIG a problem as Orange Butt (I can’t even say his name), but we can deal with him if it comes to that. He does NOT have much courage, or he would not lick the Old Orange Butt so assiduously. And I’m not sure Old Orange Butt’s base would support him – Pence is less flamboyant than OOB, and that’s one reason his base loves him. I just don’t think Pence has the balls to replace OOB and be a success.


I agree. Impeaching Trump is like impeaching the head of the mafia because Trump is not the problem, the entire rotten and corrupt political system is the real problem!


Easy to talk tough if you are a billionaire and not even running for office, and its easy to beat up on Democrats who obviously don’t have the power to impeach him, even if they wanted to. Attacking Democrats and even talking about the silly Greens on a national level just serves the 1% and the Republican coalition that includes polluters, religious zealots, bigots and shows a callous disregard for the many people hurt by the GOP agenda.


Casting “protest” votes may not pay off. My aunt and uncle cast protest ballots to “send a message”. You want to send a message, use a telegram. Protest votes are wasted votes. Until the U.S. has more than two or three parties on EVERY ballot, not much will change. The current system forces two parties on us; getting onto a ballot is way too difficult, with onerous requirements in different states. As stated earlier, it will take generations to get the system to adapt, and that means getting people, and states, to adapt. Casting a protest vote will just mean you’ll carry a protest sign for four years.


It’s the same nonsense that filled these comments in 2016. Stein Can Win! or: Stein can get 5% of the vote and Millions of Federal Dollars! Better Trump Than Killary!


But we sure showed the neolibs. Just wait until Kavanaugh gets on the Court. He’ll help us show them for years to come.


If there’s an impeachment that means both the House & Senate are in control of Democrats. Why would Pence be a threat, in this scenario? Just strip him of his executive power by tying him in knots with investigations, etc.
Steyer will have done us all, as Americans, a world of good if he can push the Democrats to hold Trump & Company, accountable for their numerous extra-constitutional curricular activities.
When the dust settles and the true patriots of this country reflect on the madman Trump; the best politics for progressives like Steyer and Sen. Sanders is also the right thing to do. The removal of Trump, the neutering of Pence and his Freedom Caucus Cronies, would set a course for the entire country.
Steyer is right, here. Ridding the world of Trump is certainly the right thing to do and certainly within reach of the next and more progressive Democratic Congress.