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Billionaire Wilbur Ross Says Unpaid Federal Workers Don't Have "Good Excuse" for Running Out of Money During Shutdown


Billionaire Wilbur Ross Says Unpaid Federal Workers Don't Have "Good Excuse" for Running Out of Money During Shutdown

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Displaying what one critic described as "malignant indifference" to the suffering the ongoing government shutdown has caused for hundreds of thousands of federal workers, President Donald Trump's billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Thursday said he doesn't "understand" why public employees who haven't been paid in over a month are resorting to

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Ah yes, good ole wilbur… wilbur, stop wondering why that end sounds so different when expressing itself and turn your horse around to the end with eyes



ross would make a perfectly good meal for a pack of roving hyenas.




Asshole! The arrogance of wealth shows no empathy obviously, no understanding of how the 'little people" live hand to mouth, trying to keep things balanced…such mundane concerns do not affect such as this billionaire scumbag…or his pal trump!



The arrogance, the sense of entitlement, the total void of social conscience these 1% ters exhibit is just nauseating…



They would probably just mistake him for one of their own.



The system that is called Capitalism by design rewards these Sociopaths over and above all others. It part of the reason why all of the media that they own and all they think tanks they fund insist it the only working model for an economy that can be allowed. These people are the biggest leeches on the planet even as they condemn things like welfare and food stamps as a “free ride”.

Looking at this objectively and at the whole body of what makes a society and what makes it tick so that it functional and just , these billionaires serve no purpose whatsoever. A poor person going through dumpsters to find cans to recycle is of greater benefit then these assholes.



According to research 1 in 100 people in the US are psychopaths to varying degree. They are everywhere, corporations, military, politics. There are 500.000+ political offices in the US. You do the math. It’s frightening…






He probably has lots of investment money tied up in payday loan companies. Yes, federal workers, go out and get a loan at 40% interest so you can make billionaire scumbags like Wilbur even richer! The sad truth is that many will have to. He has no clue what stress the endless death spiral of borrowing money is like. Jerk.



A loan to buy groceries? Maybe that’s the real reason for the shutdown - - Ross’ plan for billionaire bankers to make more loot.

Anybody feel like trying an experiment? Go to the bank pretending to be a furloughed fed worker and see what kind of response you get when you tell them the reason you need that loan.



Will somebody please drop a house on this sad excuse for a human.



We need a maximum wage and a basic living wage for all peoples of the planet even if you do nothing ,being alive is enough …true dignity for all .
We have given all the power to those with the most money and possessions,and you wonder why we have a society the way it is.

This ends now …

We the people have all the power, we just don’t want it yet !
But the time has come ,enough is enough.



It’s the world view of those folks in power that’s the problem.
Beliefs create behaviours.



“Let them eat cake”.

Then came the pitchforks and guillotines…



Volt-Ohm meter, check
Wires, check
Alligator clips, check
Power source, check
Rubber gloves, check
Microscope to find Wilbur’s balls, check
Lottery based upon how many amps he can handle, working on it…



Ross doesn’t even understand simple banking. I don’t suppose it might have occurred to him that some of the people who needed to borrow might not be creditworthy and that the bank can’t be sure that when they are paid they will get paid before the car loan.



When Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants he was talking about people like Ross,Trump,Pence,Bolton, Bush,Cheney and too many more to list here!



If only. All i see are signs and slogans.

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giggle giggle Thanks.