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Billionaire Wilbur Ross Says Unpaid Federal Workers Don't Have "Good Excuse" for Running Out of Money During Shutdown


Have you ever felt the urge to urinate on someone’s shoes? Well have ya?

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If wealth were brains the world would be in great shape. The bigger crisis is that brainless power is accompanied with so much moral bankruptcy, both of which, apparently, have a lot of company.


someone should tighten his tie the rest of the way. what a sorry POS!


LOL, Gilbert… that was a genderist statement. try asking about vomiting on his shoes, an equal opportunity for males and females.


Lessee, how should the tweet in reply go? Ah, yes:

Crooked Wilbur “Marie Antoinette” Ross sez to his own employees, “let `em eat cake.”

Not fake news. Sad. #ILoveSoundOfGuillotinesInTheMorning


I hope this gets reported in mainstream media.

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Why do poor people have no money? Cant they just like buy some?


Remember every billionaire is a policy failure.


There isn’t even a place in hell for people like Kudlow and Ross. It is called " les Limb" Limbo, where we put people without souls or brains. This even beyond cringe. They have just eliminated at least 1/4 of the base. Davos should be ashamed.

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Just like no one should have to live from paycheck to paycheck, NO ONE should legally be able to amass a billion dollars.


So what are we going to do about it, elect democrats to serve the donors interests?

This is one government in two parts failing to govern. Are the global military incursions into sovereign nations really essential government activities? Why do they continue?


Just his body, his head needs to be on a pole for the rest of the 1% to see what’s coming.


I’d bet on a low number.


I saw a website where Ross’s remarks were translated into French. It came out “Let them eat cake.”



Great idea but don’t waste too much time on him.

Just crank it up and be done.

We’ve already spent too much breath on his species.


I’m sure Dante would find a place in his Hell for Ross.


:-))) Okay, next time I’ll use puke. It’s an old idea of mine that goes back to Nixon, guess I need to update my hard drive with better software.


And folks still worship “Royals and etc”

So many are totally unaware of this fact because so many are busy either trying to make ends, distracted by “television” and other wasteful time and energy plunderers, just plain too lazy to educate themselves.


I was thinking something similar because if they (the media) had the least amount of worth, they could have a good amount of fun with this


The main problem with that is that the media is owned and controlled by the 0.01%, so humor would have to consist of things like two well-dressed billionaires kicking the shit out of a ragged, homeless, old man because he left bloodstains on the front bumper of their Rolls when they hit him. (insert tasteless joke caption here)

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