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Billionaires Are the Biggest Threat to Public Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/15/billionaires-are-biggest-threat-public-schools


Let’s just ask Gate$ and DeVo$: What would Socrates do?

Watch them spin in their separate infinite loops of ignorance driven each by a complete lack of hands-on experience with education and at the appropriate times kick them abruptly in their ar$es.


Billionaires are the biggest threat to everything that allows for a decent life. They want all of that gone so they can profit off supplying a semblance of it to us.

That is how they become Billionaires.


Zoom faculty meeting this morning.
One thing this shelter at home has reminder educators, without face-to-face relationships, it is difficult to “touch the life of a child.”

Certainly State Standards testing doesn’t help.
Cuomo, Gates, and Schmidt: When will politicians learn, educators need to be part of ed policy-making!
Learning for the young --right on up through high school, requires a relationship with a teacher/mentor.

Face-to-face will be more valued than ever when we finally return to classrooms, for both teachers, and students.


Keep 'em dumb! That’s the plan!


That said, I’m not gonna turn down the money if they start throwing any at homeschoolers.

“why brick and mortar schools still exist.”

Because the data clearly show that on-line courses have a drop out rate well over 75%. If not teaching is your objective, then on-line is the way to go. However, if you want an educated population, then you better get face to face teaching, and unless the parent is a lot better educated than most parents, home schooling is going to fail.


Hi texasaggie:
Yes to everything that you said. Kids can’t get immediate help with “online teachers . Kids can’t get questions answered right away on line. Kids learn from other kids too, and maybe Bill Gates spent too much time with his early work with traffic lights and computers.
Computers are wonderful because they connect people to the world----but kids need a person not a machine!
Sometimes the teachers can be awful, but you still can learn what NOT to be with them. Or you can find ut things from kids from other cultures that make class really interesting----- more interesting than a book. The best teachers teach kids how to work together and to not be afraid to ask questions. PLUS, school is where you meet people who can become your good friends for life. : ) School is also he place where you can lean,” NO man is an island." : )

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If the “reformers” premise was sound, we’d only need to send kids to the library. THEN they’d want to privatize libraries.

Absolutely right, texasaggie. It never ends.

The idea that computers can replace flesh-and-blood and heart-and-mind and body-and-soul teachers and peers to educate a child is the logical extension of the radical materialism holding sacrosanct a range of beliefs in magical ego-based transcendence such as the idea that infinite “economic growth” is a rational and good basis for human social organization, the idea that mind is reducible to brain, the idea that mind is separate from body, and the idea that happiness can be bought.

If we want democracy, education cannot be a place just for indoctrination and “job skills.” The jobs that exist are created by collective social contests and decisions–not natural, “invisible hand” market forces that are, it is claimed, not shaped by human beings. Human beings shape human society, in concert with natural forces, resources, and dynamics. If we want intelligent, creative, caring society, those are the capacities education has to cultivate. There is no caring without being present with and learning with and from the whole–the whole of our communities, of our bodies-minds, of our societies, of our planet. A whole that loves every part has to know and relate with, hear, see, respond to every part, and this must be how we raise and educate our children, as well as create and govern our human world.

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If the mbillionaires want to spend money on education, let em all get together and stop the lying denying delayalism, Anti-Renewable Fanaticism, populationist projections, and irrational nook boosterism funded by Koch, Exxon, ALEC, the Republicans, et al. Once they’ve done that they can build the infrastructure the developing world needs to transition to an ecological society.