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Billionaires Called to Pay It Back as UN Warns of 'Wave of Hunger and Famine' That Could Rock Globe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/billionaires-called-pay-it-back-un-warns-wave-hunger-and-famine-could-rock-globe


Let’s stop BEGGING the Billionaires for anything.
Phuck them!

Nationalize profits over a certain %


This is Yemen:


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Let’s start with bonzo bezos.


So the director of the WFO believes charity is the way out of imminent catastrophe: Get billionaires to pony up more money. No. The people should rise up and take what is rightfully theirs.


A utopian dream, thinking rich sociopaths are going to give anything substantial back to society. If they had a heart they wouldn’t be that rich to begin with, and they would have no poor workers.


Money talks and shit walks. A billionaire American woman flies her private jet into Canada, steps out and takes care of business at one of her companies, and then flies back to the US. No isolation, no quarentine. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of families devastated by not being able to see their loved ones in their final hours, separated by an artificial border. Canadian authorities are falling all over themselves passing the buck about why a rich bitch got a pass to check on one of her financial sources.
Great fortunes hide great crimes. I can’t name even one rich person worthy of their wealth. The few I know personally are always living off the cuff, never having their wallet or even their phones when it comes time to pay the bill. Plus, they’re not very nice people, period.
I recommend a maximum wage. How much does a person really need to live comfortably. By comfortably, I mean having decent shelter, decent food, easily available mass transit and bike paths, pure water and air, easy access to markets with all kinds of local goods for sale or trade. And, the most important of all, access to Nature. As a species, we lived this way for thousands of years. Invaders remarked how healthy and happy people were, then enslaved them.
Once we drastically cut our consumption, we may discover true wealth-the wealth of comity, extended family we can rely on, not having to endlessly compete with humans and other species for what we’re programmed to need. The Enclosures and the Industrial Age broke age old ties that still remained of Old Europe.
Time to make wealth as uncool as spitting on the street or publically defecating. Call it out for what it is-greed and arrogance, a lust for power. And if you think those mo-fo’s will willingly give up even a shekel of their fortune…well, think of a dragon and its horde. Think Smaug and his reaction to just one small cup taken from his horde.


Memo to billionaires: there are more of us than there are of you.


The masses need to figure something out, and they need to do it quickly.
The wealthy no longer need us. Their goal now is to set us against each other, then sit back and watch as we “thin the herd” ourselves.
Jay Gould’s old axiom is now corporate policy. They will indeed pay half of us to kill the other half. The shame is that we’ll do it for cheap.


BERNIE, the SQUAD, and DEMOCRATS participated in this catastrophe when they ALL voted for the LARGEST UPWARD TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HISTORY with the Cares Act. Now we’re seeing the immediate outcome of that, with much more to come. It’s over, it’s done. There’s no turning back.

643 wealthiest Americans have raked in a whopping $845 billion in combined assets between March 18 and September 15, growing their combined wealth by 29%.



We’re experiencing three waves of hunger and famine.

The first wave is caused by covid-19. We will mainly control this wave through social distancing, especially around people who are speaking loudly or singing, and far more disciplined hygiene than we’re showing now. All central HVAC systems need HEPA or hospital-grade air filters, and all indoor activities need separate filtered air streams. Oh, and the vaccine will be about 50% effective, which is better than zero but don’t expect miracles from it.

Wave 2 is a wave of billionaires. People die because all of the money is sucked out of a country or a region. Specifically, some tinhorn would-be strongman often gets a big loan so he (or “she” in Bolivia) can buy an army and kill or oppress the people into near-slavery to pay back that big loan.

The third killer is climate. Millions of people are fleeing their farms and drowning or dying in the desert because it no longer pays to grow food. Their farms no longer work. This problem will get vastly worse. We too can die of hunger and famine in turn. Billionaires can only die of old age or of alcoholism.


Recognizing that the wealth is due to something akin to a schizophrenic disorder of institutionally reinforced delusion that it is somehow “functional” to claim wealth as a matter of “pride” when it is in fact based on systematic IMPOVERISHMENT of others, the environment and intrinsic natural equilibrium says it all. As the old saw goes: pride goeth before a fall - and we are, in many respects, in full free fall, albeit concealed, massaged and intensified by massive media propaganda centuries and generations old.

Dignity, to dignify, to integrate conceptually, temporally, inclusively and openly is a whole other ball game in which integrity rather than power speaks its dimensions of integral, whole, even integer - the language of ‘tangible whole number’ - .

Funny to think we’re stuck in a knuckle dragging cultural backwater of snake oil hawkers and manipulators as the effete stench pile rotting away. I use the word ‘effete’ in place of ‘elite’, because the former indicates an arrogant specious sterile sort of half-life claiming whatever is important for it to claim at any given time to reinforce its distance and separation. The latter of course reinforced by IMPOSING distance and separation - having nothing to do covid19 advisories - but visible in virtually any institutionalized aspect of life.

Make the destructive system obsolete with every choice you make.


Agreed. One does not earn a billion dollars, let alone billions.


Anything over the cost of living as per the poorest among us.

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This is so true. They only need the herd to serve their personal needs…take out the trash and dispose of it, cook, clean, watch the children. Slave work for slave wages-just as it has always been.

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They will.

Trump had a billionaire ‘friend’ (not that he really has any friends) who died of Covid.


The billionaires don’t care if everyone dies, Let them all starve.

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When are the rich going to understand that there are not enough greedy mf’ers type jobs for everyone.The few can vie for those crook-like jobs, but we are not all cut out for
But we need to put much more effort into finding work for the underemployed so that we can all be fed and housed.

Pay what back?

They want their rent, pay, or move out, humanity!