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Billionaires Celebrate Their Own Social Security Freedom Day

Billionaires Celebrate Their Own Social Security Freedom Day

Dave Johnson

Ninety-four percent of us pay into Social Security from every paycheck we receive. A few of us stop paying into Social Security in the first few working hours of the year.

The “Tax Freedom Day” Scam

Every year you hear a lot about Tax Freedom Day. This is the day the public supposedly has “earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year.”

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While it is good to be reminded of this absurd reality again, this situation is generally well-known already to those who are paying attention. All we need is for all of us to transport to an alternate universe where Republicans and their supporters along with their anti-social tax policies are no longer in power and someone like Bernie Sanders is president. Just imagine the possibilities.

What the author fails to recognize is that Social Security benefits are only paid on the same income that is taxed. In fact, Social Security benefits are Regressive - an individual earning $25,000 annually with receive a higher benefit - as a percentage of what they contributed, and as a percentage of their earnings - that someone who earns $127,500.

If you increase the contribution ceiling you could also increase the benefit ceiling for every contributor including billionaires.

How about celebrating by putting these billionaires’ heads on pikes?

If they keep it up, that’s exactly what they’ll get – and no tears of sympathy from me.

So how are the Koch[roach] Bros these days?

Yes please! Their heads on pikes right after they were chopped off by a GUILLOTINE!!!:skull_and_crossbones:️:hugs:

About as comfortable as Soros. If you’re going to condemn money, condemn it all.