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Billionaires Lay Siege to State Governments


Billionaires Lay Siege to State Governments

Jim Hightower

It’s easy to become mesmerized by The Donald Show in this year’s political circus.

But a lot of the real action is in the outer rings, where the Koch brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and their corporate cohorts have laid siege to our state governments.


Hold our state officials accountable. Don’t let the new federalists get away with it.


I can’t recommend this article more than once- but if I could, I would.


I think this has been going on for a long time at the state level. I believe organizations like Indivisible, Moveon.org, Organizing for Action, etc need to increase action at the state level. My Indivisible group is now beginning to pay more attention to a Republican member of the state Senate. We need local groups of national and state organizations to focus more on what is happening is state government.


No big surprise here - it’s exactly how the ‘Aparteidists’ took over the government of South Africa several years ago – they started with city councils and school boards, and worked their way up until they dominated an entire nation.  The Koch Brothers and their allies in the Repooplican Party have a BIG head start, but maybe — just MAYBE — we can “cut 'em off at the pass.”  Thank You, Mr. Hightower for the reminder: “Those who do not remember History are condemned to repeat it.”

Rolling back the effects of the continuing decades-long attack on America’s ideal of the common good will take some work. To get started, check out Center for Media Democracy at www.prwatch.org/cmd.


Kochs want that constitutional convention and they are a handful of states away from making it happen. It’s up to us not to let that happen.


This very article is about how they don’t need to redo the US Constitution. They’re building a new federalism that carries bad ideas from one state to many. They own state legislators, who are, as a rule, easier to corrupt than those with federal visibility. A constitutional convention would be just as hard for ALEC and the Kochs to control as it would be for the party bosses. Stop fretting about what they might do (and are unlikely to) and address what they’re doing now. Find out whether your state legislators are in their pockets, and let those servants know that you demand they work for you.


I’m not “fretting” about what they might do, just noting another repucussion of Republicans winning three more states in 2018.