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Billionaires Reach for the Stars While World Suffers


Billionaires Reach for the Stars While World Suffers

Jeffrey D. Sachs

With all due respect to Jeff Bezos and other billionaires who plan to spend billions of dollars of their personal wealth on space travel, hundreds of millions of children who lack access to basic health care and schooling more urgently need help right here on Earth.


Should we be condemning these billionaires or the system that made them?


Yes, yes, and those that constructed and support the system in myriad means of distraction, disruption, and the general dissing of morality.


Money is Mammon. The more it concentrates, the more evil it makes one do.


while we’re at it with billionaires having way too much money, hows about all the millions (maybe even billions in this yrs mid-terms) spent on political campaigns & media ads?? When ONE person has enough money to have his very own “space toy” like Bezos & Elon Musk the whole fucking world is fucked.


Scary time. There was a famous story of soccer players whose plane crashed in the Andes. There was nothing to eat-----except each other. Those with moral scruples starved-----those who had no scruples lived. But it is hard to judge them—as starvation is said to be awful.
Hmmm… a conundrum---------so------
Dear Rich People: Beware of the rise of the zombie class----they’re really a big group-----they are a large and growing group They dream of eating the fat cats and drinking their blood… and maybe even mix in some nice chianti with that?

REMEMBER 1789—and the people were so pissed, they were dragging dead kings and queens out of their graves-------------R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a 2 way street… start walking that street, and learn rich people, learn. : )


Since Trumps inauguration the super rich have proven their worth to society, that worth is ZERO. They do nothing but take and take. Bezos is a good example, he has more money than God, but wouldn’t pay a small tax in Seattle to benefit the homeless. What a disgusting human being. As far as I know, I’ve not heard of a single rich person turning down the tax cut they didn’t need. All of them feel they are entitled to all of the perks they receive from the govt. They make me sick.


You apparently didn’t read the account of this disaster or recall it very well. They were rugby players, and there was no issue with “moral scruples”. The only people eaten were already dead, and those that died of their injuries, and a subsequent avalanche had specifically stated their that comrades may eat them should they die. The lesson of this disaster - survival thorough social solidarity - is exactly the opposite of what you are stating in your comment.


Who knoweth if to die
Be but to live…
And that called Life by Mortals
Be but death?



The choice is simple: eco-socialism or the barbarism of the current age.


Humans haven’t raised the consciousness sufficiently to share our abundancec .The system was created by the rich and powerful so we have to have limits on what one can keep for personal use mail such times as we do what’s for the highest good of all. So a limit on income has to happen now, not a limit on how much you can make but a limit on what you can keep for personal use it would be millions so billionaires would not exist.
In the future every money single money transa tion would be transparent.


Elon Musk takes the cake; with more money than he knows what to do with and would rather waste it than put it to some decent use. Primarily Hyperloop and Boring company tunnels are exclusive travel systems for the wealthy. He must know this is true yet pretends they would serve everyone. hah! So too, self-driving car tech is a popular ‘fraud’ perpetrated by Bezos and the billionaire class as their means to monopolize travel to charge the going rate with fleets of Robotaxi that would do little real good if they were technically possible, but they aren’t. In many ways they prioritize safety dead last as they cannot take full advantage of the benefits and safety features electric and hybrid/electric cars offer. Bezos knows self-driving car tech is a fraud meant only to facilitate more time for Amazon to continue bankrupting small business.