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Bills for Flint Water—Safe Only When Filtered—Could Double in Five Years



Hey this water is value added! You did not expect these people to get all that lead for free did you?


A lot of good Obama's visit to Flint did for the long-suffering, impoverished residents of Flint. And "flushing the system" will do how much to ensure clean and safe water in Flint? Not a helluva a lot were the pipes to not be replaced beforehand. Penny wise and pound foolish...as my grandmother used to say. Money over human lives...where is the compassion?


We need to "flush" our political system and political class.......


Corporatism's predatory legacy drawn directly from colonization. Crippling of social integrity every step of the way from genocide to the casino creature of jekyll island, derivatives of derivatives of derivatives; to thievery of pensions and public works and education for an entire class of narcissistic corporatist/fascist power addicts.



"Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting" applied only to the western states and territories when Mark Twain wrote it. Looks like Michigan is being drawn into the fold.


The United States of Austerity...


The water for the poor of Flint is being directed instead to the Marathon Oil Refinery. Which was more than quadrupled in capacity, about a decade ago, to handle tar sands " goo " from Alberta, Canada. There are also large slurry ponds in this vicinity which are filled with thousands of chemicals. A soup that have never been thoroughly tested, btw. Smokestacks, too, spew out more toxins in concentrations no one likely has a handle on. FYI- bitumen is added to the refined tar sands oil to create enough viscosity to allow the pumping of it through pipelines headed to gas refineries, etc. Which are prone to break and leak, etc. The price of gas is cheaper than the price of water. Where is former Gov. Jennifer Granholm to lead the Clintonistas and Obamobots to help these unlucky folks? Is she playing golf, tennis or at the day spa after a tough session of fundraising; propping up an old gas bag is tough work, I've heard.


This is what corporate rule looks like.

Coming to a city near you.


You can tell they are a bunch of liers they are still alive.( sarcasm)


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"The typical Flint resident is currently charged about $53.84 per month on the water portion of their bill, not counting sewer costs, according to the report prepared by Raftelis Financial Consultants of Missouri.".

Hey I have the perfect solution for the residents in Flint. Since their water has to be filtered anyway, why don't the residents set up the plumbing system in their homes so that the water from their toilets and showers and other wastewater is run through a screen or other inexpensive filter to eliminate any unwanted solids (when the filter needs cleaning/emptying the contents can be applied as free fertilizer for the home garden!) then install a joint to collect the freshly filtered water from all it's various household sources, run it through a screen basket full of cotton for a second round of filtering, then attach that to the main running into the house's external water supply and simply reuse the water they've already used once or twice before.

By doing as I described above, they will only be paying half to a third as much than if they were using only water coming from the external source and it will probably be much cleaner as well. The first person to modify their home water supply can have the honor of inviting the governor as well as all of the other state and city officials over for a glass of the cleanest, purist drinking water in Flint! Catfish love it, you will too!/s

*NOTE: There will be a small engineering charge billed to the State of Michigan for consulting fees resulting for the time spent designing the above described recycling system. Please allow 30 days for billing.


Yup. When entire blocks of families tried to band together and share ( houses which still had water and cooking ability ), a specially hired private firm changed tactics. They simply turned off the main water line into the neighborhood. Wrap your head around that ( Hillary said we must burn the neighborhood to save it ) :sunglasses: Just kidding. I really believe there is an organized effort to start a major quarrel so arrests can be made and children taken away. The parents are then charged with a crime for not providing water and safety for their children. Now, that's both Orwellian and a Catch 22, if you get my drift. Meanwhile, back at the White House, Fearless Leader prepares to........ jerk himself a soda?


Why don't you do that too if its so great? Geez. Never heard of bacteria and viruses, I guess.


This is the super premium gourmet poisoned water, don't you know?


This is way beyond disgraceful....and utterly disgusting, to boot! This is a crime against other human beings, which must be stopped.


The water in Flint, MI needs more than just filtering; a whole new system of pipes needs to be put in there. Maybe the Feds should intervene and compel the city and state of Michigan to clean up the harbor!


IOW, a pilot project.


Could the cost of new pipes be any more than the cost of a new Aircraft Carrier, of which we seem to build whether we need another one or not.


On technical note, the bio-mineral overgrowths in old water mains like those shown are usually not a bad thing from a water quality standpoint and often are beneficial (seriously).