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Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away

Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away

Cecil Bothwell

“We are selling the greatest product on earth. Why shouldn’t we promote it as effectively as we promote a bar of soap?”

-- Billy Graham, Saturday Evening Post, 1963

Billy Graham was a preacher man equally intent on saving souls and soliciting financial support for his ministry. His success at the former is not subject to proof and his success at the latter is unrivaled. He preached to millions on every ice-free continent and led many to his chosen messiah.


What religion, at its deepest core, does NOT believe in its own supremacy? How is religious belief, as it exists in the world today, NOT a form of supremacist belief? Is not the monotheistic god Yahweh, detecting the slightest sins & condemning all alternative beliefs to eternal torture, the father go all totalitarian dictators?

Cecil Bothwell nailed it.


Thanks so much Cecil Bothwell for this harsh historical compendium of Billy Graham’s copious sins.

Were i “a believer” i might wish Billy Graham: RIH (Rot In Hell) with your Master.


Wow. What a good piece. “Men never do evil so fully and so happily as when they do it for conscience’s sake.” Blaise Pascal


“He went so far as to urge Nixon to bomb dikes in Vietnam—knowing that it would kill upward of a million civilians…”

Part of this plan was to destroy the rice crop-the dikes and dams were for irrigation-and thus starve the population. You know, the women and children and grandpas. Jesus doesn’t like commie toddlers.



I will quote the comedian Bill Hicks and offer these words to the departed Billy Graham: “Suck Satan’s cock.”


“Jesus Christ” in common American usage is often little more than a logo sewn on the skirts of Lady Liberty, and functions as an alternate brand name among many of the religion of Americanism, which is no more than absolute faith in the great god “America.” Tangentially, I read recently a rather poignant remark indicating that U.S. citizens typically attribute a far greater degree of infallibility to presidents than the institutional Catholic Church attributes doctrinally to the pope. Meanwhile, “Jesus Christ” becomes for some a kind of divine and ultimate Hitler, who is coming to impose a final solution upon the problem created by the fact that people exist who do not believe the way they do, and to consign them to perpetual incineration. Finally, to flip a line from “A Fish Called Wanda,” “How many apes do you know who read the Bible?” “A lot! They just don´t understand it.”


Hi Cecil, I was wondering if you had a citation for where the government would have known that bombing the dikes would kill one million people. I ask because there is a CIA memorandum from 1972 that says the dikes would have been very resilient to bombing owing to the Vietnemese people’s historical struggle with rain/flooding that often damaged dikes.

See the section “Resiliency of the System to Bombing”

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During the 2016 electotainment cycle didn’t Billy’s son Franklin tell the world that Trump is a gift from god ?


“When Graham succumbed to various ailments this week at the age of 99 he left behind an organization that is said to have touched more people than any other Christian ministry in history”

…not counting the Catholic clergy.


I heard something on that. Well, a lot depends on one´s image of God. A gift? If God has a decent sense of irony, it may be, but as some not-yet-final resort to cause people to wake up and smell the nuclear brimstone. But somehow I don´t think that was what Preacher Son Graham had in mind.

The United States Government cut their teeth on bombing dykes and dams in the Korean War- They slowly starved A million plus North Koreans using this “strategy”…


I recently read that Graham advocated for the use of nuclear bombs on the dikes. Here is an excerpt from a book by Daniel Ellsberg:

President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discussed bombing the dike network in a 1972 conversation on Operation Linebacker II, later published by Daniel Ellsberg:

Nixon: We’ve got to quit thinking in terms of a three-day strike [in the Hanoi-Haiphong area]. We’ve got to be thinking in terms of an all-out bombing attack - which will continue until they - Now by all-out bombing attack, I am thinking about things that go far beyond. I’m thinking of the dikes, I’m thinking of the railroad, I’m thinking, of course, the docks.
Kissinger: I agree with you.
President Nixon: We’ve got to use massive force.
Two hours later at noon, H. R. Haldeman and Ron Ziegler joined Kissinger and Nixon:
President: How many did we kill in Laos?
Ziegler: Maybe ten thousand - fifteen?
Kissinger: In the Laotian thing, we killed about ten, fifteen.
President: See, the attack in the North that we have in mind, power plants, whatever’s left - POL [petroleum], the docks. And, I still think we ought to take the dikes out now. Will that drown people?
Kissinger: About two hundred thousand people.
President: No, no, no, I’d rather use the nuclear bomb. Have you got that, Henry?
Kissinger: That, I think, would just be too much.
President: The nuclear bomb, does that bother you?..I just want you to think big, Henry, for Christsakes.[3]

Note that Kissinger estimated 200,000 dead.


From drowning. The subsequent starvation from destruction of the rice crops would, of course, be even greater.

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In retrospect, I believe that he was bad for the country, having skewed the politics strongly to the Right, maybe permanently. I also believe that he was bad for Christianity itself, by using it
to sanctify war, injustice and oppression.

I am a Southern White, and I consider Dr. King to have been, by far, the better human being.
I dare not say this in many circles.


Amazing what a good speaker can pull off. There are a whole lot of good examples.


My first thought at the news: good riddance to this piece of shit, knowing full well that his male progeny will carry on the great tradition. Hope they die sooner than the great pater.


Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Mike Pence considered Graham to be one of his hero’s.


Long-haired preachers come out every night
Try to tell you what’s wrong and what’s right
But when asked about something to eat
They will answer in voices so sweet

You will eat, bye and bye
In that glorious land above the sky
Work and pray, live on hay
You’ll get pie in the sky when you die (that’s a lie!)

And the starvation army they play
And they sing and they clap and they pray
Till they get all your coin on the drum
Then they tell you when you’re on the bum

Holy rollers and jumpers come out
They holler, they jump, and they shout
Give your money to Jesus they say
He will cure all diseases today

If you fight hard for children and wife
Try to get something good in this life
You’re a sinner and bad man, they tell
When you die you will sure go to hell

Workingfolk of all countries unite
Side by side we for freedom will fight
When the world and its wealth we have gained
To the grafters we’ll sing this refrain

You will eat, bye and bye
When you’ve learned how to cook and to fry
Chop some wood, twill do you good
And you’ll eat in the sweet bye and bye (that’s no lie!)

–Joe Hill


Yeah psychiatry and social programs were equated with alcoholism. I hope this greedy motherfucker goes STRAIGHT TO HELL. Same for Franklin III, a hateful idiot Nazi, and the daughter who says acceptance of gays is causing climate change. Burn baby burn, the whole fucking evil bunch.