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Biodegradable is Bunk: World's 'Ocean Waste Baskets' Still Filled With Plastic Trash


Biodegradable is Bunk: World's 'Ocean Waste Baskets' Still Filled With Plastic Trash

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Plastics in the world's oceans, whether floating or resting at the bottom, is a problem that's on the rise, and is said to have "reached crisis proportion."


Wait, so you're saying that "consumers" should not trust the "green solutions" that industrial profiteers promote?

Wait a minute. Do you think the industrial profiteers are actually self-interested, and not actually primarily focused on being accountable for their environmental impact?

So wait now. Are you saying that we should STOP BUYING ALL THAT CRAP?!? But i NEEEEEED my special hair conditioner!!! And the package it came in, and the bag i carried it in, and and and...

If i can't have my oh-so-special, personal-for-me mass-produced and mass-marketed consumer products, i'll DIE!!!


Hemp cellophane could be used as genuinely biodegradable liners and containers and returnable glass could substitute for plastic bottles and floats.

Wherever plastics are necessary, they must be monitored and recovered from cradle to grave. Environmental costs of plastics manufacture must be factored into their prices.


I agree that instead of fossil fuel based plastics that organic materials or bioplastic made from cellulose or what have you could replace much of it. Glass or new lightweight flexible ceramics too.

Some containers could begin to break down with age becoming brittle and more easily deconstructed over time.


Have companies pay a carbon tax on plastics and they will opt for non plastic alternatives.

Yay Bernie! Carbon Tax is the way to go!


Use weather/earth-observation satellites to monitor greenhouse emissions. If source of emissions and ownership of source can be identified, tax as CO2 equivalent. I hope satellites can do a good enough job of monitoring to minimize assumptions that need to be made to collect tax. Three main greenhouse gases are: CO2, methane (CH4), and oxides of Nitrogen.


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A throw away society

A thrown away environment


Simply put a deposit of $1 against their return to the manufacturer on each and every plastic container and plastic bag sold and the kids will scavenge them for pocket money, if they are thrown away by careless adults.


There is no such thing as biodegradable plastic. I didn't even know the have it all's were claiming such a thing. Come on wake up America.


Brilliant and one of the stupidest things this country did was do away with reusing glass bottles. It was that way when I was young and people were really good about it and rarely did I see broken bottles on purpose anyhow. All those jobs too.