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Biodiversity, GMOs, Gene Drives and the Militarized Mind


Biodiversity, GMOs, Gene Drives and the Militarized Mind

Vandana Shiva

A recent report from the National Academy of Science of The United States, titled "Gene Drives on the Horizon: Advancing Science, Navigating Uncertainty, and Aligning Research with Public Values," warns:

“One possible goal of release of a gene-drive modified organism is to cause the extinction of the target species or a drastic reduction in its abundance.”


Every article I have read written by this Woman is not only deeply insightful and chock full of information, but delivered in such a way as to make it a joy to read.

Ms Shiva is a treasure and I am sure the truths she writes are felt by many here. I think a good many of us know something wrong with our modern system of industrial agriculture and Ms Shiva helps to shed light as to what it is so as to help us find the way.


Dear DARPA, when all you have are weapons, everything is a target.


I'm furious, yet I want to cry, and I feel sick! My prayer: Oh please Mother of All, stop these monsters!

I have only a year ago begun reading of the miraculous Amaranth. It's flour is more nutritious than anything Monsanto can create, and its flower is beautiful. Its gorgeous colors, amazing. This must not happen! "A" for Amaranth, "Z" for zero humanity. The beginning and the end of all creation. We must wrest power from these self-made gods. They are dooming our planet.



This is the first i've caught notice of this "new tool" of "gene drives" through which the cold-minded hope to engineer the intentional extinction of selected species. Gosh people, what could possibly go wrong?

Near the end of this piece Shiva writes:

"The very idea of extermination is a crime. Developing tools of extermination in the garb of saving the world is a crime. A crime that must not be allowed to continue any further. We are members of an Earth Family. Every species, every race is a member of one Earth Community. We cannot allow some members of our Earth Family to allocate to themselves the power and hubris to decide who will live, and who will be exterminated."

Yes, yes, and yes. If we and this Earth are to have a living future, we humans need to entirely dis-empower the corporate colonizing criminal class, the mass-murderers, Earth-destroyers, culture and ecology wreckers among us. We must refute their paradigm, remove "their" looted "wealth" from their hands, dismantle their systems of separation and domination and their machinery of death, and allow the flowering of Earth community and agroecology.

i fear that - much more likely than our own distributed intelligence organizing solidarity and resistance to stop them - these fools will be the death of all. But i met Anuradha Mittal last night, the former director of Food First and the founder of the Oakland Institute. She said that what keeps her going, is seeing the front-line grassroots communities that she works with, who never give up, against all odds. Working with people who are resisting corporate colonialist industrial agricultural land-grabs that destroy communities and destroy existing agricultural communities, Mittal says inspires her to keep working and fighting here inside the USA, inside the belly of the beast, where we actually have more opportunity to disrupt these malefactors.

@paularae asks "How?" We don't know exactly how, but we work in solidarity with people everywhere who are resisting; we take personal risk and speak truth to expose these endless wars, wars against Nature, wars against peoples, wars against species, war as central organizing paradigm; we promote and practice Earth-care and agroecology in our own communities; we stop feeding the beast in every way possible, and do not buy what they sell us, materially or psychologically (especially automobiles and airplanes and the vast infrastructure of death that they require); we do everything we can to take care of each other, feed each other, and align our lives and our communities with life, against the machinery of illusionary engineered "supremacy."

We say "Please Mother of All, stop these monsters!" And we try our best to be living laughing loving agents of the Mother of All, carrying out the work of life, the work of a lifetime, as best we can.


Half of tax revenues go to fuel a killing machine without brakes.


Ah, there's nothing like the voice of a wise, educated mature woman to cut through all the B.S. like the blanket use of the term WE.

Instead, the following is what's true:

"The right to food and nutrition of the people outside the US, and the right of the amaranth to continue to grow and evolve and and nourish people, can be extinguished by powerful men in the US because they messed up their agriculture with Round Up Ready crops, and now want to mess up the planet, its biodiversity, and food and agriculture systems of the world with the tool of gene drives to push species to extinction."

"Powerful men in the US."


And boy, does Ms. Shiva have Gates' M.O. down!

From the article:

"The project of deliberately exterminating species is a crime against nature and humanity. It was a crime when Bayer and others, of IG Farben, exterminated Jews in concentration camps, and is a crime still. The very idea of extermination is a crime. Developing tools of extermination in the garb of saving the world is a crime. A crime that must not be allowed to continue any further."

And Monsanto cut its fiscal teeth producing Agent Orange for the Vietnam War machine.

So here are two companies that belong before the Hague (were there a truly functioning--with teeth--international criminal court) determining what people will eat.


As many readers know, there have been efforts made to privatize and control water in very poor nations (and cities).

Sickos like Gates will use the control of food as a crime against humanity.

This bears repeating:

"The aforementioned study on ghost-tech was sponsored by DARPA (The Pentagon's Research Ghost) and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (The ghost of the Microsoft Monopoly). DARPA has been busy. Interestingly, Microsoft BASIC was developed on a DARPA Supercomputer across the street from MIT, at Harvard. Where does DARPA end and MIT start? Where does Microsoft end and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation start. The orientation of our technologies has been dictated by the DARPA-Mind, a Mechanical Mind trained in War, and Gates continues to colonize meaning, just as gates had done to our lands, and the Green Revolution has done to our food."

Thank you, Dr. Shiva. I admire your work, resonate with every word you say, and know our world would be a far better place if WOMEN with your intelligence and spiritual understanding were running things and deciding policies.

Bill Gates IS The Matrix... a Mr. Smith Clone in a high position within it... operating in a manner that would denude this world of all plant life... apart from what he and his cohorts can control in their chemically toxic laboratories.

They want the plant world to become sterile so no seed produces on its own the way MOTHER NATURE intended. This way (and this protocol is already well underway) the ONLY thing farmers will be able to plant will be the seeds they purchase ANNUALLY.

These are very dangerous entities and their ideas about how to control nature constitute high crimes. Tragically, it's policies like TPP and TIPP that will enshrine their deadly practices into law. And don't forget, Eric Holder and Mrs. Clinton have ties with Monsanto.


They're probably working on edible bullets right now! Along with the exploding toilet paper... intended for private assassinations.


Jennifer Kahn talks about the promise and perils of gene drives:


... in full agreement. She marries the spiritual and the scientific in a manner that only a mind not hell-bent on profit can achieve.
The start of this article is so scary, Will these madmen stop at nothing? They really are Dr Frankensteins on steroids - jacking off on the arrogance of uncontrolled scientism. The world is awash with all the necessary evidence to show that the whole principle of trying to get one over on nature does not work. But these idiots just don't get it. Unless it came out of a lab and was peer-reviewed, industry funded and vetted,,, and ends up looking myopically at a microcosm instead of the big picture... well it does not count because it might mess up the profit margin.


I've no faith in poliical solutions. But the shit we are living through is all sustained by mind/propaganda/ bainwashing. Any thinking person that can get their head out of the MSM would KNOW that this madness truly is madness. So in terms of what might happen, I don't think people should give up on the power of cleaning the mind of others and setting examples through 'alternative' (not-insane) lifestyles. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I KNOW this stuff the corporates are up to is plain bad. So it is not worth debating it with those who are taken in. You only give them a sense of credibility. Let it be ignored and may it rot in hell...