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Biologists Warn Half of All Species to Face Extinction by 2100, as GOP Pushes to Destroy Protections


Biologists Warn Half of All Species to Face Extinction by 2100, as GOP Pushes to Destroy Protections

Nika Knight, staff writer

Today, 20 percent of all species are at risk of being wiped out, scientists at a Vatican conference on biodiversity warn, and that number may rise to nearly 50 percent by the end of the century.

"The living fabric of the world [...] is slipping through our fingers without our showing much sign of caring," warned the conference organizers.


As bad as the political situation is in the US with the country having elected a fascist for president when you look at the natural world things are a lot worse and reversing this situation seems almost hopeless. Extinctions from habitat loss continue to occur at a ar greater rate than the normal extinction rate and climate change is likely to accelerate the extinction rate enormously. Extinctions are irreversible and the loss of biodiversity will result in ecological systems spiraling toward their demise. The Republicans can probably be thought of as icons for the madness of modern society everywhere destroying nature even though all societies are dependent on nature. It is all sort of crazy but Republicans are just crazier than anyone.


SHEER HYPOCRISY!!  The root cause of nearly all of our environmental problems is WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE, and a MAJOR cause of this GROSS OVERPOPULATION is the long-term anti-birth-control position of the Catholic Church.


Of course! Then again all people are great( that is sarcasm). The conference organizers probably have tons of kids at home.


The good news is we don't have to worry about US politics because...it won't be here:


With any luck, Homo Sapien will be one of the species that goes extinct giving the remain 50% a chance to survive. Any time there is a human versus animal kingdom show or movie, I root for the animals to win. Humans are a virus willing to generate more and more copies even if it kills the host.


"The survival of the natural world, and ultimately our survival, depends on our adoption of principles of social justice and sustainability," wrote the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS), which organized the conference.

I think there is a lot more in the statement highlighted above than we are willing, or perhaps even able to discuss at this point in time.

The planet is already badly overpopulated, and things are going to get much much worse very very soon, as we head towards ten billion people.

That's the "sustainable" part.

And we are already 'circling the wagons' as refugees knock on our doors, fleeing a variety of issues, from climate change to religious persecution to unstable governments and on and on...

That's the "social justice" part.

Behind all of this ??

Maybe an economic system of civilisation that is neither economic nor civilised.

How many are ready, willing - and able - to address this fundamental issue ?

I don't think, for most people, its even on the radar.

We leave it to religious organisations to do so - then we talk about other things.


Nonsense. Throw you old yellow books by Erlich and Madeline Murray O'Hair away.

Nobody has large families becasue of lack of access to or religious preaching on birth control. People have large families in rural agrarian cultures of the developing world because it makes sense in small-farm-economics and for security for the aged family members.

Almost all the CO2 and other pollution - particularly on a per-capita basis comes from rich counties with stable populations.


I was thinking of Thomas Malthus, actually, whose doomsday predictions - like those in Orwell's '1984' - are coming true at last.*

Possibly true in extremely rural third-world societies - I was thinking of semi-educated (semi-indoctrinated i.e. semi-brainwashed) societies as in the Philippines and Central & South America, not sub-Saharan Africa (and obviously not non-Catholic China, India, etc.)

Which seems to me like a great argument for a TOTAL MORATORIUM on ANY migration from those 'primitive' societies (like Syria) into 'advanced' societies (like Europe or the U.S.) – stop multiplying every immigrant's 'carbon footprint' (immigrants' 'carbon feetprint'?) by a factor of seven or more . . .

* Malthus did not anticipate the VERY TEMPORARY 'agricultural revolution' that was brought about by synthetic fertilizers, GMO crops and extensive irrigation projects – all of which are now combining to utterly destroy most of the earth's soil; in a few years even small-scale 'natural' agriculture will exist in only a few isolated areas.


Yes, but finally there is a Pope that cares about the environment and animals and has the courage to speak out. He has a large audience. If all leaders would do the same, the message might get through.


Yes, but - as with George W. Bush's fine speech the other night - it strikes me as 'too little, too late'.  While for the sake of my daughter and my grandson I hope you are right, I'll reserve judgement (lest I be judged) - at least until the results of this conference can be evaluated.


Close, Godless - but no cigar.  Humans are more like a two-legged cancer than a virus, and there's no 'willing' involved - just mindless reproduction.     But not to worry - if we repent our sins of abortion, pot smoking and resisting the Orange Messiah then the Ginormous All-Wise Doohicky (G.A.W.D.) will undoubtedly tell Mother Nature to knock it off - and thereby save our souls.


But . . .  but . . . The survival of the Untied States depends on our adoption of the principles of Trickle Down Economics* and Austerity as promulgated by the Orange Messiah.   The Pontifuckal Academy, the Cult of Scientifuckology and the Repooplican Party - like most religions - seem to have an awful lot in common.
Like all religions, they're based on Fraud - and use Force to overwhelm any who dare to resist.

* Business 101 - Trickle Down Economics:
    The Fat Cats piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto the Working Poor.


I wouldn't put Bush in the same category as a sincere, thinking leader who cares about the environment. Bush's words are empty. They are as empty as that of the democrats who talk about the environment and do nothing to stop the drilling and the exploitation, were pro tpp, and stole the nomination from Sanders.The only recent president that had any real concern for the environment was Carter. The only vice president was Gore. The damage that the Bushes, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama have caused or declined to prevent have been catastrophic. Sanders and Pope Francis would have made a powerful team. But it looks like are still trying to do something though it is an up hill struggle and both men are not young.


I didn't.  All I did was point out that (for once) he made a fine speech.  Much of what Bush said is true, whether or not he actually believes it, and maybe - just maybe - it will cause at least a few of the slightly less brainwashed Repooplicans who have been blindly supporting Tweetle-Dumb to stop and think about the crucial issues of an Independent Judiciary and a Free Press holding our "leaders" to account.   Or maybe I'm allowing the fact that
I now have a grandson - five months old today - to have me grasping at straws in hopes that our democracy - indeed, our very ecosphere - can somehow survive.