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Bipartisan Attacks Against Anti-Occupation Divestment Campaigns


Bipartisan Attacks Against Anti-Occupation Divestment Campaigns

Stephen Zunes

In April, the student senate at Earlham College, a Quaker liberal arts institution in Indiana, approved a resolution by consensus recommending the college endowment divest from three U.S. companies (Motorola, Hewlett Packard and Caterpillar) which are directly supporting the Israeli occupation in violation of international law.


Her Royal Clintoness’ disdain for things like the BDS movement, which is an organic sprout of the PEOPLE’S desire for a better world is quite telling, now, isn’t it?


BDS is too long and should be shortened to BS.

Boycott and Substitue.

For example, boycott and substitute any product by either Dutch Shell Oil or Israel.

BS is more than a movement.


Divestment magnifies the effect of the boycott. It is what changes things. Boycotts are the public face but divestment like a diamond is forever.


The violent actions of a few have kept Gaza imprisoned for decades. It is almost like they are agents provocateurs whose job it is to elicit over the top military responses from Israel which do horrendous damage and throw back the progress of Gaza, retard future development and make life less tolerable in general.

What they also do is provide ammunition for rightwing support of Israel and allow these people to get away with calling any objection to Israel’s hard line policies anti-semitic.

The rocket attacks are so ineffective that one can’t believe that they are actually supported (despite Israeli polls) by the majority of Gazans considering the lives being lost in Israel’s retaliation.

Maybe it is time for a real push for liberation from the occupation by non violence. The world is ready to support the people of Gaza but not the use of violence. The world is in fact objecting to Israeli violence but cannot then support violence from Gaza in return.

If the Gaza’s were to mount large scale non violent demonstrations they would soon find innumerable non violent groups around the world supporting them. They would see the divestment campaign embraced by many who see the wrong being done but who are leery of supporting rocket fired against Israeli civilian targets.

The world will side with the non violent and the innocent in their struggle to become free. Those who use indiscriminate violence against civilian targets end up fighting alone.

Non violence could free Gaza with world opinion behind it just like it did South Africa. Once the struggle there became non violent… apartheid soon fell.

Injustice can never be justified but justice can always be justified.


Nah, we need to work to de-establish Israel and reestablish Palestine.


I don’t mind if the PTB attack the movement, it really just highlights the message that BDS is trying to send.

I view this sort of foolishness in the same way that I view people who want to ban books in the library; those books are the ones that I want to read. I am somewhat confident that none of those rightwing fools are able to use reverse psychology.


The article proves it! BDS works! If it didn’t, the 0.001% would not be getting laws passed banning it.

  • To be really effective, however, the entire Axis that is creating so much death, so many refugees, must be ***BDS***ed also. That includes the major enabler, the US Fourth Reich, NATO, UAE, the Saudis, Egypt, much of Europe (see NATO) and keep the pressure up on Israel.
  • We’ve all seen that the only pain the 0.001% feels is in a lightened pocketbook, so let’s give it all the pain we can manage, and a little more.
  • If we could make 'em broke, they would be powerless, so every little bit helps.
  • So BDS 'em all!


Israel will not tolerate non violent resistance, and faced with it have always done whatever it takes to evoke a violent response.

Any pitiful Palestinian response tainted with a tinge of violence, way less than the violence inflicted on it, is all that’s needed to maintain the "self-defense’ narrative.

There is no fair treatment of this conflict in the MSM. In fact, working with Hamas to present in the press its side of the conflict is a criminal offense (so much for free speech)


It sure is and another military industrial complex taxpayer supported corporate domination of the world. This is not anti anyone, it is a human issue.


Agreed, divestment by institutions and individuals with stock is a great idea.

Few of us are anywhere near a divest movement node except via computer petitions but we can readily boycott and substitute. I can’t divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Dutch Shell Oil or Israeli companies, but I have quit buying anything from Israel, Hewlett Packard and Dutch Shell Oil.


As Will says, Israel does not tolerate non-violent resistance, of which there is plenty–it just doesn’t get reported in the western media. To get a good sense of the broad non-violent resistance movement in Palestine, as well as the ugly Israeli response, read “Witness in Palestine”, by Anna Baltzer.


I am aware of the broad non-violent resistance movement but the reality is that their efforts are being sabotaged by the violence. Saying the MSM isn’t fair in their coverage is useless. It only matters that one violent act like firing rockets gets used to justify the occupation. That is the reality.

The MSM starts off their reports >> “Rockets were fired today against …” everything else that follows is all mixed in with the war on terror and the 'Middle East".

It seriously looks like the rocket attacks are staged to sabotage Palestine. The BDS movement starts to make the news more often and suddenly there are few rocket attacks and Israel stomps hard on Palestine. This is what happened last time. 2,000 people dead and immense destruction. For what? What was accomplished by those rockets? The wholesale destruction of Palestine. People who say >>“Well they are fighting back” are full of crap. This is not fighting back at all. Who are they kidding? This is the kind of thing that Israel needs to keep happening so as to justify their taking land. The rocket attacks accomplish nothing for Palestinians and a whole lot for Israel… Now how come that reality is never faced up to?

There will never be an end to the occupation I think as long as violence is used. I understand how frustrated and angry people are but all I see is more and more settlements and less and less Palestine until it will all be gone except in name (if even that).

Reality. The struggle for freedom in South Africa only succeeded when violence was renounced and then the world which hates injustice could mobilize support for the people of So. Africa.

Think about whether the rocket attacks might actually be instigated by agent provocateurs and then look at what happens. Virtually no damage to Israel or minor damage and vast amounts of damage to Palestine and always in critical areas like electricity, water, schools, hospitals and so forth. Curious about that I think?

Palestine takes a strategic hit, gets pushed backwards and people complain about oh how unfair that all is. It is a like a film being played over and over again. After a point you realize that the key to it all is those useless and ineffectual rocket attacks. If they were removed from the equation then the world would express its anger over so many people being held behind walls and treated so badly by an occupying military force.

The rockets prevent that criticism. I think that is what the rockets are for actually. To help Israel nibble away at Palestine over a period of years until it is gone. That strategy is working isn’t it?


“A clause in the “fast track” bill to help insure passage of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership which became law in June forces the Obama administration to pressure potential U.S. trading partners to no longer boycott products made in illegal settlements or to discourage their companies from supporting the Israeli occupation.”

Yeah, that sent a clear message to our European trading partners. Netanyahu isn’t happy with their response:

BDS: People Powered Economic Diplomacy