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Bipartisan 'Goose Chase' for Hidden ACA Draft Highlights Transparency Fail


Bipartisan 'Goose Chase' for Hidden ACA Draft Highlights Transparency Fail

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid reports that House Republicans are keeping their draft healthcare legislation in a secret location, Congressional lawmakers on Thursday convened an actual search party to find the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal and replacement bill.

Republican Sen. Paul Rand (Ky.) was the first to raise alarm when he tweeted:

@RandPaul This is unacceptable. This is the biggest issue before Congress and the American people right now.


"...allegedly so copies of it will not be leaked..." Oh no, not this excuse. Well, this is gonna suck. So anything that will be made public will be treated like the revised Patriot Act: changed the night before it was to be voted on so noone has any time to read it and be called unpatriotic if they vote against it :rage:


We've lost our government completely now. Obamas secret kill list . And now this.


Amazing. These senators and representatives, Ds and Rs, pull a Michael Moore bit to show the secrecy and embarrass the house "leadership" and they get denied. I wonder why they didn't just push through, telling the minions (including the capitol police {really?}) to stand aside. They certainly should have the authority, especially in a group.
Whatever the house "leadership" has in mind this doesn't bode well for what it will do.
Who knows why Hoyer got in.
Normally this is where they try to make sure of leaks, as trial balloons, so they can look as though they anticipated the possible objections all along, little geniuses that they are, very little.


Not to worry, when it's revealed, the Washington Post will cheerlead for it- not only in their own sorry paper, but through syndicated columns in nearly ever paper across the US.


I would hid it too. Until it is done. One thing that I did hear they are getting rid of the Mandatory coverage. I am so glad for that. I know so many middle Class. That has been taxed so heavily because of this. It was suppose to help the middle class instead it created a tax burden. shame on Obama and the democrats for forcing this on the rest of us. This was a gift to the insurance company's.