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Bipartisan Panel of State Lawmakers Agree: NCLB Has Failed US Kids


Bipartisan Panel of State Lawmakers Agree: NCLB Has Failed US Kids

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Confirming what many public education advocates have been saying for years, a new report from a bipartisan panel of state lawmakers declares that the United States has little to show for more than a decade of reform efforts inspired by the controversial No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).


Answering the headline…

Thus, it has been a raging success in weakening the public school system, in regard to scholastic outcomes, has been successful of thereby creating rationales for those driving neoliberal "austerity" agendas of privatization via charter schools that ostensibly "address" the delivered result of "failures". The NCLB has been a raging success at curtailing the power of teachers to address the real needs of their students, and thus over the long run weakening not only their individual sense of agency in regard to their profession, but eroding the collective agency of teachers' unions. And of course NCLB has been a raging success for the corporations who have benefited from all of that cash coming from taxpayers for all of those test forms, etc. You know that public money that would otherwise simply to to purchasing text books, better pay for teachers, fixing crumbling schools......but that's part of that neoliberal "austerity" success.


A recent article by William Brooks in The Street, highlighted "The 20 Least Educated Cities in the U.S."
Everyone of them were centers of poverty.
As long as income and wealth inequality are allowed to exist, the worst educated people in the US will remain the poor.
Funding for our educational system is based on property taxes.
That must change.


What a surprise!
The NCLB was a promotion of "Mission Accomplished, Inc.," of which several of its members profited handsomely.
There was no intent beyond that whatsoever.
(As if the Bush Syndicate gives a rat's arse.)


Maybe dumb questions. Why are state legislators determining whats the appropriate course of action for Americas' children's educational needs? Should not that job totally be up to experienced educators? Who are these legislators by the way? Please don't tell me Louie Gohmert was involved.


However, the Prison Industrial Complex wishes to adopt NCLB as their motto.


ha ha, finally, a comment. thanks.


Well done, P-C!


Our state legislators, and everyone in America thinks they know more than educators about how our schools should be managed. The legislators know how to squeeze public money into private profit.


The NCLB Testing Program was specifically designed by the Bush Administration to benefit the next door neighbors in Kennebunkport Maine. The McGraws of McGraw Hill Publishing owned the Princeton Testing Service. Ka chinga,
Ka chinga. This law was created to put a lot of public money into private hands. And the testing companies and education publishing industry have done well, kids, not so much.


This also plays to the desire to dumb us down so we can compete with third world countries. Wages and intellect have to be brought down.