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Bipartisan Relief Package Includes Plan to Retroactively Immunize Corporations From Covid Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/bipartisan-relief-package-includes-plan-retroactively-immunize-corporations-covid


I just don’t know what to say about all of those people that voted for Biden and the rest of the corporate democrats. Oh wait, I’ve got something.
I told you so.

This whole bill is just more supply side garbage from America’s political class. In short, this entire piece of legislation in simply a continuation of 40 years of neo-feudalism. The corporations are given everything they want, and the rest of us are to accept what ever they choose to give us, if that’s anything at all.

  1. Corporate Immunity including Biotech-Pharma Vaccine-Damage Immunity- done.
  2. Mass-Vaccination Campaign; Optional to Mandatory.- Pending.
  3. Immunization Cards-pending.
  4. Vaccination-Proof Documentation; mandatory for work and mobility: pending.
  5. Rolling-Lock Downs as needed; practice-drills-done; social-norm acceptance-pending.

Isn’t it ironic that this pro-corporate bailout (under the guise of it being Covid relief) was proposed just after the announcement of vaccines?


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence… wink wink


To be scrupulously fair this is a republican sponsored proposal not yet agreed to by the majority of democrats.


It seems the virus has learned the survival trick of getting Dim/Rethugs and Corporate to work for it, or is it that they just share the same values?


Last I checked, Manchin, Warner and Shaheen are all democrats. This bill doesn’t happen without their blessing.


Massive death, suffering, and economic turmoil among the people due to Covid and what is Congress spend all their time haggling over - not even whether or not corporations should have immunity from their at best callous and at worst criminal actions, but how much immunity they should get.



Not that I needed it, but thanks for the reminder of why I despise the Democrats. We got the best democracy money can buy.


We are officially a failed state. The oligarchs have decided the rest of us aren’t needed anymore, and their bribed members of Congress are ok with that.


I told you so.
(Some statements need to be repeated a few times before they are heard.)


Amen brother!
While I probably shouldn’t demonize the Biden administration just yet, thus far none of his choices for white staff positions or cabinet posts would lead us to believe that anything remotely resembling a progressive agenda is on the horizon.
Prove me wrong Joe, prove me wrong.


Seeing how the DNC spent more money in our Congressional District defeating a progressive primary challenger than they did to defeat the Trump clone in the general election, don’t hold your breathe on Uncle Joe.

Just another of the many examples of the oligarchy applying the disaster capitalism model.
The 1% consider Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine to be an instruction manual while the clueless 99% believe that Leave it to Beaver was a documentary.


I’ll jump on board too. I told you so.


Releasing businesses from their responsibilities in controlling the pandemic on their property is primed to cause massive numbers of extra deaths in the next two months. Each business’s extra spread adds up into society’s exponential mass spread.


I think his intentions are crystal clear with his appointment considerations. The clearest was his idea to put Neera Tanden at OMB. She worked diligently to undermine Bernie and against progressives at every turn, so her appointment is the ultimate “fuck you” to Bernie and progs. How’s your “good friend” Biden treating you Bernie? Where are all the progressives being appointed to positions to make a difference? They are where you left your movement, in the ditch.


I have a nurse daughter in a large California hospital who worries about their overcrowded conditions and the administration/supervisors are now commingling Covid and non Covid patients on the same floor. The administrator has denied on the news that hospital is overcrowded. Administration also wanted the staff to sign a document that they refused to follow stricter State guidelines.
Besides not paying hazard pay the staff are receiving a grand total of a $25 gift card for a Christmas bonus.
And that is why Congress is going to pass this get out of jail free card.
Corporations 100, People 0


Well, now that corporations are people, we must assume they have feelings. Therefore, it would be cruel and inhumane to put them through the stress and strain of personal responsibility, wouldn’t it? And what about their liberty?


Why is anyone angry? Remember: Ro Khanna and friends were saying in October to “just pass the bill!” Progressive social media was doing what it does best, bang on Democrats, who actually would not agree to the corporate liability provisions with the White House. As I predicted in comments in October,

“The same “progressives” who constantly complain about being sold out and who are pushing this “deal” will be the same people who complain about evil Pelosi and corporate Democrats the day she says yes.”

If there’s anything consistent about social media leftism, it’s the situational rule making.