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Bipartisan Senators Demand Proof of Trump's Wiretapping Allegation


Bipartisan Senators Demand Proof of Trump's Wiretapping Allegation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Wednesday sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI asking for evidence to back up President Donald Trump's allegation that President Barack Obama wiretapped him before the November election.

Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to make the claim, without providing evidence, and on Sunday the White House asked Congress to investigate.


i want to recommend Ted Rall's column:

A cogent clip below from Rall's piece, about how to confront this crap. Not with milquetoast "We demand proof of these allegations!" But fight fire with fire:

To beat Trump, you have to out-Trump Trump with talking points the media can’t ignore and people can’t stop talking about. Here are some lines that might make Sessions the story again by washing away Trump’s TWIT distractions (the alleged Obama tap and Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0).

Good: “Jeff Sessions is a traitor. He should be locked up in prison, now.”

Better: “Let’s say Sessions is telling the truth. Let’s assume Jeff Sessions can’t remember meeting with the Russians. Then he’s a goddamn idiot and too stupid to be attorney general. Why is Trump appointing morons to the cabinet?”

Best: “Of course Obama tapped Trump. Snowden told us. Obama tapped everyone! Which is how we know Sessions is a traitor!”

These sample talking points would be scurrilous. They would be unfair. They’d play fast and loose with the facts.

But they’re the only approach that would work.


Also, Common Dreams should republish Rall's piece (they've published many of his past columns). We need a more diverse range of strategy and tactics appearing in these pages.


Trump needs to create a new investigative department, or the FBTI. The Federal Bureau of Twitter Investigations, can be used exclusively to investigate Trump's Insane tweets, at all hours of the day or night.

Why Senators are wasting their time on this is a joke. Trump made an insane accusation and provided no justification for doing so. Threatening another Presidents reputation without any evidence to back it up, should be a crime. Being the pathological liar that he is, is no excuse or defense for his actions.


This is another distraction to keep the government from actually functioning. Keep telling them to do their jobs!


All Keebler has to do is call Breitbart News (or his pal Bannon) and then contact Mark Levin...they will gladly provide transcripts of their "news" and the broadcast by Levin. That is the kind of proof that the GOP will take as gospel and consequently block any attempts at a thorough investigation. The emperor has "spoken" er, tweeted. (What a laughingstock he has made our nation with his insane pre-dawn tweets and unfounded allegations made in yet another fit of pique.) Meanwhile, Rome is burning.


And once you have segued over to counterpunch.org, linger for a while - you may pick up some wonderful tidbits of information. Then come back to Common Dreams, which is also no mean, non-alternate information vehicle. And while in both venues, drop them a couple of bucks - don't be a freeloader.

Warning! Counter Punch is a lot more abrasive than CD.


That is just sooo true! These guys are such idiots. They really are ignoring the elephant in the room!