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'Birds of a Feather, Fascist Together': Critics Decry Trump's Decision to Join India's Modi Onstage at Houston Event

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/16/birds-feather-fascist-together-critics-decry-trumps-decision-join-indias-modi

And Modi is one of the worst Neo-liberals in the world. Besides Muslims, ask Arundhati Roy how many poor Hindu farmers have committed suicide under Modi because they could no longer support their families.

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This should be a real “Cowardboys & Indians” show.

From what I’ve heard, it wouldn’t take much to scalp the White Man. Correction: Orange boy.

Trump is a very sick person. Twice in just a few days he has vehemently denied what he has said while being recorded. Yet he calls rock solid fact and evidence as fake news and denies ever uttering such statements. His grasp of reality is about zero.

I like a lot of Indian culture - especially the food. But the hard-right-wing politics and ultra-libertarian economics of most Indian-USAns is starting to negate all of that. That Modi would travel to Houston to meet with an association of his Indian-USAn engineering, tech, oil, and overpaid specialist MD worshippers in that city is pretty damn annoying. These Indians need to leave and go back home if their loyalties lie with a right-wing fundamentalist Hindu extemist racist like Modi.

And as a foreign entity they are owning about (guessing) half of the gas stations now. What is in the future if turmoil hits?
Or is it just being industrious in a particular area. Oh yeah, there seems to be a draw to owning motels as well.
Me and my bicycle will be sleeping under a bridge somewhere when the bombs start falling from someones drones.