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Birds Of A Feather: Lame Duck Pardons Turkey And Everything's Fine Here Why Do You Ask?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/24/birds-feather-lame-duck-pardons-turkey-and-everythings-fine-here-why-do-you-ask

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had to used an ugly white factory bird as opposed to a good all American Wild Turkey–it figures–a fitting end piece for an un-American president


Reminds me of an old joke with a twist.

Trump walks into a bar with a turkey under his arm
The bartender says " you can’t come in here with a pig"
Trump replies “it’s not a pig, it’s a turkey”
The bartender says “I was talking to the turkey”


see those tail feathers ? look like that /cause these birds are raised in cages Just big enough for 'em - not moving around so much makes them SO tender !
& of course, GMO corn - same as in pardoner’s burgers ! uck to both of them !


The farmer told his young son to take the turkey somewhere where he won’t be seen and shoot the bird.

Hours later.

The boy came back with the turkey in tow.

Farmer said to the young boy, “Why didn’t you shoot the turkey where you won’t be seen?”

The boy replied, “Everywhere I went the turkey was watching me.”


Wow, look at that ginormous turkey – no, no I’m not talking about ‘Corn’ … I’m talking about the turkey behind ‘Corn’!


Looks like pardoning turkeys is practice and preparation for pardoning himself and his criminal cohorts.


If it came to a choice between the two I’d hire the turkey.


A turkey and a lame duck walk into a bar.

The lame duck says, “I’m buying. Wattle you have?”

The turkey answers, “I beg your pardon.”


So the sitting President is saying this election is a fraud and the corporate media ignore the MONSTER they created------to be making false claims like this is Treason------and those supporting false claims that the election was stolen is Treason-----betrayal of the true will of the people.

But then this happened in 2000----

And the people of Maine , Kentucky and West Virginia elect rightwing republican’s

How many kid’s are living on the street???
How many people are going hungry tonight ???
How many people died tonight from the crappiest healthcare in the world???