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Birds of Harlem: The Audubon Mural Project


Birds of Harlem: The Audubon Mural Project

Those ubiquitous metal security gates that roll down over New York City businesses at night are looking way cooler thanks to a collaborative street art initiative by the National Audubon Society and a local gallery owner. The project in John James Audubon's old neighborhood depicts in all their sometimes garish splendor the 314 bird species threatened by climate change, in hopes we'll notice - and help save - them.


Hooray for people! We have our moments Not all is drear and despair. Not all is sorrow and suffering. There is also delight and inspiration, creativity and talent!

Now that’s a street ‘tag’. Audubon would be impressed.

He was from the neighborhood don’cha know!

I hope those who make excuses for people destroying works of art don’t encourage people who don’t like Bluejays from paint balling these works of art too.


Great project, thanks for reporting. :smile:


Simply awesome.


Thanks NY. Now about those Wall Street " Camprobbers " hanging around my tent.


Is this part of the gentrification of Harlem??