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Birmingham Workers Launch Lawsuit Challenging Bill 'Tainted With Racial Animus'


Birmingham Workers Launch Lawsuit Challenging Bill 'Tainted With Racial Animus'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Workers in Birmingham have launched a federal civil rights lawsuit charging that a fast tracked bill signed into law by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley that blocked the city's minimum wage increase is "tainted with racial animus" and violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Plaintiffs include fast-food workers, as well as the Alabama NAACP and Greater Birmingham Ministries.


Seems to me like Birmingham just needs to ignore this law and start the raises immediately.


Obviously the war on people of color is only increasing as the right wing continues to rise -- and/or to face
increasing political challenge ...

From Flint and its poisoning of water -- seemingly in areas of poor and minorities --
To MMR/Measles vaccines which are impacting young AA children at a 340% higher rate of risk of Autism --
To Voter ID laws which are preventing people of color in America from voting in primaries and general elections --
And the continuing effects of the Crime Bill and high rates of imprisonment of minorities --

that war seems obvious.


Modern American slavery. What good are wage increases without affordable healthcare and rent control laws?


Likely the preference this legislation is meant to represent is that they'd like to go back to the days of slavery where the property of the master were paid no more than subsistence. Seems awfully demeaning that this piece of legislation had enough support for it to become law. When the labor market has a surplus of people who need to somehow get whatever is available to survive, it makes it very easy for employers to pay the least for those services. This legislation shows that these lawmakers have much less dignity than the people who are most affected by this new law.


So much for all that "Local Control" of Government that the RepublicKlan finds so Sacred when it's their Racist agenda that gets shot down.


The republican party is nothing but a den of crooks cons grifters and blatant assholes.....Those who support them are just a reflection of those they vote in to office....


This isn't right. Why deprive people of a living wage? Many work several full-time jobs, and cannot support their children, let alone themselves. Living wages would even keep the economy going, if the previous argument wasn't good enough