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'Black America in Crisis': Report Shows Troubling Racial Disparities Across US


'Black America in Crisis': Report Shows Troubling Racial Disparities Across US

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"The state of Black America is in crisis—and we see justice challenged at every turn."


Not at all intended to minimize the impact of the report, it does beg the question of why native americans are not part of this reporting. Still struggling with the legacy of dehumanization methodologies, obscene Supreme Court precedents like Mackintosh in turn referencing a 15th century Papal Bull - and the economic model of ‘externalized costs’ that translate into a system guaranteed to provide these perspectives to creep over, through and under natural societal equilibrium.
We’re faced with the systemic fossil model across the spectrum from energy to conceptual capacity.

Episode 1 of 2015 State of Black America


Could this be the result of the political program of benign neglect given us by Daniel Patrick Moynihan?


The bigger question is: Why limit the focus on a narrow aspect of racism when it is one of the many results of income and resource inequality ? In the US and abroad history has shown that during periods of waning income and resource inequality (post WWII for example) progress is made in combating racism whereas when income and resource inequality are growing, racism grows.

Today we are seeing the gap between the haves and the have nots rapidly widening with no end in sight. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) identified the many negative results of this widening gap, that is why the US Government and corporations smashed the movement so quickly. Until the gap starts narrowing no meaningful progress can be made in combating racism.


I thought the same thing. The only explanation I could think of is that they could not obtain sufficient data (in Canada, First Nations, Métis and Inuit issues are a federal responsibility…unsure if the same is true in the US).

Another issue, and one more important IMO, is the comparison of white/black, hispanic/white. without knowing the methodology, it would be more worthwhile to see within-class racial comparisons. Not only can this highlight racism, but among the working classes, can foster commonality rather than feed division.


… going back, see if anyone remembers this… “… it’s the economy, stupid…” An election in 1992 decided many prominent issues during that period - of which police profiling & savage brutality was - then as now. The only difference is that the Clinton Justice Department put their collective heads together & attacked w/multipronged (education, economic assistance & development in inner cities, training MANDATES w/penalties w/repeat (officer/department) offenders, but most importantly, recognition for departments who corrected abuses on their own & FAST) approach, which cut incidents considerably, almost immediately. Then, it was the drug war. Now its the war on terror. But there are no ‘terrorists’ among those being ‘targeted’ & brutalized. What there is are police having watched too many episodes of ‘cops’ & internalizing the feeling that racism is justified in the course of ‘getting the job done.’ Sorry, but racism is never justified & should not be tolerated. Those practicing it should have their badge & gun taken & should never be able to hold such a position or own a gun anywhere in the US. This is the only way to get the attention of serial violators of our laws, our Constitution & their oath to ‘…protect & serve…’ But there’s still the problem of poverty, joblessness & illiteracy in our urban centers… Mr. President… Mr. Attorney General… Congress… Well, 2 out of 3 should count for something…


The simple solutions may have better sticking ability if we would eradicate the system of exploitation that made slavery and racism possible in the first place. Capitalism must go the way of all bad ideas.


Old goat,

I just watched this documentary recently on the Lakota:


I think coming to terms and atoning for the crime of genocide may be the linch pin in transforming racial divisions. In fact, the US as we know it would not be able to continue because what drove its establishment–greed to the extent that entire groups of people, black and red, and the entire ecological systems were and continue to be regarded as “legitimate” targets of exploitation-would be at an end. But first whites must admit that it was genocide and not simply germs that wiped out millions of the First Nations people.


Thanks for the link - it really is necessary break out of the silos and hear each others stories and languages
Heres an article that went up on the 18th
Steven Newcomb (Shawnee, Lenape) is co-founder and co-director of the
Indigenous Law Institute and author of Pagans in the Promised Land:
Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery (Fulcrum, 2008). He has
been studying federal Indian law and international law since the early



Thanks for that link. I am only now catching up on a lot of these articles and that link your provided is excellent.

The long standing claim by apologists for Genocide , that it that the deaths of those millions the result of disease and some sort of tragic accident is something I have always seen as absolute rubbish, The genocide was deliberate and planned.


I think it’s more of a white american problem. Not to say that there is no black problem. The problem is what white Americans perceive as a black problem. Perception is often not the reality. It’s impossible to know the reality of life of anyone let along everyone. We can know through statistics what the trend are,but statistics doesn’t tell the whole story.
I am a truck driver. From time to time I have the opportunity to talk with other truckers. Today while talking to a trucker I was amazed at his viewpoints. He started off by blaming Obama for all that’s wrong with America . I asked him where did he get that infro. He said Fox news. Fox news and the replubican party is why black Americans are in crisis. Their narrative of blacks and other minorities poisons the perceptions of many. Especially those that don’t live or interact with people different from themselves. The replubican party has long used the southern strategy to get elected. That strategy has poisoned the mind’s of countless generations. Thrus making the plight of minorities self fulfilling. Fox news and the replubican party are the evils of our day. There insidious and evil ways will destroy all of us in the end. A nation, a country or a world divided cannot stand. Endless wars, hate and greed cannot be sustained forever. Unfortunately there is no hope. We are destain to destroy ourselves.