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Black Americans Won’t Fall for Trump’s Big Con

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/28/black-americans-wont-fall-trumps-big-con

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Biden is an unreconstructed racist and warmonger who has been in the forefront of austerity, and Harris is a party hack and mass Black incarcerator who became a prosecutor with police union endorsement…

The corporate Democrats are once again running as the Not-Trump Party, the second consecutive election in which they have succeeded in suppressing every issue except the fitness for office of one very wretched man. The only way a party wholly-owned by oligarchs can deflect attention from its own culpability in dragooning its constituents into a Race to the Bottom amid never ending war, is to set up a straw man to be knocked down, leaving the machinery of racial capitalism and armed-to-the-teeth imperialism intact… Biden has always been a soldier for austerity, a war against the poor. Why should anyone believe he has reversed course in his old age?

War, Austerity and White Supremacy are all that Biden/Harris offer – but without Trump. If that’s enough for you, then say “Hallelujah” – and then tighten your belts and pass the ammunition.

-Glen Ford, actual leftist of color, for Black Agenda Report, an actual leftist website


the War on Poverty that reduced poverty to levels still not matched.”

Much love, Jesse, but you gotta get through your head that the credit for that should go to the Soviet Union for presenting POC around the world with an alternative to American capitalism. The fear of POC in countries emerging from colonialism choosing the USSR over the USA was what got LBJ to work with MLK, not some altruistic desire to be “good to the darkies.”


After the Obama administration, the country was not in good shape for those in poverty. Usage of food stamps were waay up. It has only got worse sense then.

People who blather about the war on poverty should shut up. That war was the forgotten war way before the forgotten war in Afghanistan began.


Jesse, you are on how many corporate boards ? Your son was indicted and your town Chicago is constantly cited for shootings and poverty. What have you and all the Democratic govts done for Chicago, Baltimore,Philadelphia ? More people are listening To Candace Owens,Leo Terrell, Larry Elder.

We know for a fact that “reverend” (he is not actually a minister) Jesse Jackson worked as an FBI informant around the time of MLK’s assassination, and that many civil rights activists suspected that he was always an FBI plant.
There have been no shortage of people accusing him of aiding in MLK’s assassination over the years, and the fact that he exploited his death to the fullest is a matter of public record.
That corporate media and the establishment in general gives him a platform at all is also very suspicious to say the least. Especially given what they did to all the other civil rights leaders of that era.